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How to Find Most Searched Keywords on Google for Blog Posts

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To drive viral traffic on your blog or website, it is important to write on hot and most searched topics. In finding the most searched keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, beginner bloggers and website owners face difficulties, so I came up with this article where I’ll be sharing five most effective methods to find highly searched keywords. All these five methods have helped me a lot and my blog traffic has gone up by above 500% after I implemented these ways before writing articles for my blog.

Analyze Similar Blogs: Most blogs on the web are powered by either Blogger or WordPress and there, the owners mostly show their most popular content in sidebar, footer or elsewhere as “Popular Posts”. This has helped me a lot and you will also find it the most worthy in developing ideas for your upcoming posts.

To make it working, simply search for similar blogs under your niche and look what is going hot there. After analyzing and figuring out the hot topics on other similar blogs, write articles on same topic and try to do better SEO than other blogs. By following this strategy, you will be able to drive viral traffic to your blog or website within a short span of time.

Google Search Suggestions: When you make any query in Google Search, Google shows a list of similar searches at bottom of the SERPs and the list contains most searched other similar terms. So when an idea comes in your mind for writing a post on your blog, type it in Google and scroll down to see what else is being searched by people. After analyzing the similar searches’ list, compose a good title, permalink, meta description and a well and naturally SE optimized post. It will also help you a lot in driving quick traffic to your blog with ease.


Among keyword research methods, I have found this as the easiest and “Google related search suggestions” have greatly helped me in writing on highly searched topics. It really works as you can write on exact searches with the help of Google’s suggested related search results which otherwise gets difficult to figure out.

Use Keyword Planner and Other Similar Tools: Google’s Keyword Planner lets you do research on most searched keywords. In addition, many other alternatives are also there which perform the same as Google’s Keyword Planner does. So by using keyword research tools, you can list out which keywords are most searched on search engines.


Keyword research tools really worth it, so never ignore these tools otherwise you will lose some very hot and viral topics to write on.

Forums – Never Ignore These Places: Forums and discussion boards are yet another places where I find some viral topics for my blog. In forums, people seek for help and they share what they are suffering from. Join some highly visited forums like Warrior Forum and v7n forum and see what is going on there. After finding some topics, on which people are searching for solutions, post a helping article on your blog to resolve the issue. By doing this, you can bring a good number of visitors to your blog.

You may think that your posts will stop receiving hits after the posters find the solution. If you are thinking this and ignoring the forums and discussion boards, then you are committing a big mistake. Problems faced by internet users are common to a very big group and only a few of those post their questions in forums and a big number just stays limited to Google search. This is an ongoing process and your posts will keep driving traffic as long as internet is alive 🙂

Social Networks – Complicated but Work: It is little time-consuming to figure out what is going hot on social networks but this also brings significant improvement in your blog’s growth. Hot topics are liked, shared and discussed by people and social networks are one of the most important places where it can be analyzed and figured out what is going viral among internet users.

So these were five most effective ways to find highly searched keywords to write viral blog posts. All these 5 ways have led me towards positive results and I’m sure that you will find these helpful for you too.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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11 Replies to “How to Find Most Searched Keywords on Google for…”

  1. Really nice tips but I think the best way is to find topic with high volume traffic and then find and use long tail like longtail pro really helps a lot.

    1. Hi Hamza,
      I haven’t tried LongTail Pro. Does it work well? But before searching for long-tail keywords, you need to find out what the visitors are demanding 🙂 , and for figuring out that, above tricks will work.

  2. hi i loss my 50% traffic in august 2013 may be because Google algorithm update tell me what to do gain back also have a you tube channel with pr 4 how can i get benefit from it

    1. It is too sad to hear about the loss 🙁 , you need to figure it out why Google snatched traffic from you. To stay safe and successful in long run, never attempt black-hat SEO tricks.
      It is great that you have a well ranked YouTube channel. You can promote videos related with your niche there and build an audience. From video descriptions, you can get some backlinks too. BTW are you monetizing that channel with AdSense or not?

    1. W. Salam Rehman, define a single niche and go with that. It will make the blogging easier for you. Multiple niches will distract you. Choose a single niche in which you can do the best.
      Regarding with keywords, it depends on the topic of post you are going to write. Don’t try to overuse keywords. Just be natural.

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