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Facebook Like Widget for Websites, WordPress and Blogger

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The Facebook Like widget, which I have brought for you today is unique and coolest among its kind of widgets and plugins and you might haven’t used this on your website or blog. The widget, when added to any website or blog, gently slides up from the footer near right and calls the visitor to like the configured Facebook page. This tiny widget contains a close button too which hides the widget when your visitor closes it. Currently, the widget’s cooky has an expiry time of 30 days and it will never appear for 30 days for any particular visitor when he / she presses the close button.

This tiny Facebook Like widget has strong attractive feature which boosts the Facebook Likes for your page up to 80 times. It will never irritate your visitors like popups do, but will increase your FB page likes gently. It strongly grabs the attention of your visitors. Your visitors will love the widget and will surely like your page after its cute call for liking the page 🙂 .

A Cool Facebook Like Widget for Your Website or Blog

You can add this Facebook Like widget to either your static website, Blogger blog, WordPress blog or any other CMS with extreme ease. Follow below instructions to add this widget to your website or blog.

For Blogger: To add this widget to your Blogger blog, go to layout of your blog in its dashboard and add a new gadget anywhere. Select HTML/JavaScript as gadget type and paste the below provided code in the box. After pasting the code, save your gadget. Now visit your blog to see this cool plugin in action!

For WordPress: If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, then go to “Widgets” section of your blog under “Appearance” in admin dashboard. Add “Arbitrary text or HTML.” widget to any section of your blog like sidebar or elsewhere, paste below provided code in the box and save the changes.

For Websites: Paste below provided code before </body> tag in any page where you want to show the widget. The FB Like widget will appear on the page where you have added the code.

Here is the code for this cool widget:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">function r(f){/in/.test(document.readyState)?setTimeout('r('+f+')',9):f()}; r(function(){new ConversionsBox("Like%20Us%20on%20FB","");});</script>

Before adding the code to your website or blog, don’t forget to replace blue highlighted ‘itcongress’ with your Facebook page’s username.

Are you facing any problems in adding this tiny and effective Facebook Like widget to your website or blog? Let me know in comments. I’ll help you in adding the widget.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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