Extracting a ZIP Archive in iPage’s Control Panel

iPage provides an odd control panel for its shared hosting customers. If you are hosting a website with them and struggling to unzip an archive, then this brief guide is going to teach you the steps to extract a compressed archive in iPage control panel’s file manager.

Extract Archives in iPage Control Panel

Go to your iPage account. At home page of the control panel, look for ‘Archive Gateway‘. This utility is responsible for creating and extracting zip archives in iPage’s control panel. After opening the ‘Archive Gateway’ page, you will find the options to select target ZIP archive. You will also need to provide the path where you want to keep the extracted files.

If you want to create a ZIP archive of your files for some reason, i.e. to either download them as a backup, you need to use the same tool. Select the stuff and provide a file name and Archive Gateway will create the compressed file for you.

I hope this solves your issue. If you are still facing the issue, let’s talk in the comment section.

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