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Essential WordPress Plugins for Blogs that Accepts Guest Posts

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Accepting and managing guest posts isn’t an easy task but thanks to WordPress and its plugin developers, this job has been made much easier than it was before. If you are running your blog on WordPress and thinking to accept guest posts from your audience, then you must install my chosen plugins which will reduce the burden of managing guest posts and will automate the processes. Here is the list of these important plugins.


Plugins for Guest Blogging Sites

Peter’s Collaboration Emails:

Peter’s Collaboration Emails plugin makes your task of accepting guest blogs extremely easier. When you install and activate this plugin, it notifies you whenever someone submits a guest post for review. You can then go to your WordPress dashboard to review the post. After reviewing the post, when you either publish it, trash it or revert to draft, the author is informed about your action and you don’t need to notify author about the post status manually.

In addition, when you publish the post and someone comments on it, the post author is notified that his/her post has received a comment. Thus the author can respond to the comment by visiting your blog. This is the first must-to-install plugin if you are going to accept guest posts on your blog.

Peter’s Post Notes:

Peter’s Post Notes is yet another important plugin for guest blogging sites which works with Peter’s Collaboration Emails. When you install this plugin, it adds a box to right sidebar of your blog post editor and you can leave a note for the post author during reviewing and changing the status of the post.

After the status of the post changes, for example if you revert it back to draft from pending for some reason, the post author is notified that his/her post has been reverted to the draft. In notes box, you can write the reason why you reverted the post to draft and what needs to be changed in the post. This message will be attached to the notifying email and thus your author can make needed changes. In addition, you can leave group and dashboard messages for authors also using this plugin.

Dashboard: Pending Review:

Dashboard: Pending Review plugin lists the posts on dashboard which are submitted by guest authors and are needing to be reviewed. This plugins makes your task easier by filtering out the pending posts and by showing them in your blog’s dashboard, so you don’t need to browse through all posts to filter out and review the pending ones.

SI Captcha:

Although I would not declare SI Captcha WordPress plugin as an essential plugin for guest blogging sites, still it is very effective in preventing spam bot registrations. When you open your blog for guest authors, then you allow registrations and in such a condition, several spam registrations also get into your blog. To ensure that only real visitors are registering on your blog, install this plugin and activate it only on registration form. It will give you peace of mind by keeping your blog away from spam.

So these were my recommended three essential and one optional plugins for guest blogging sites. I am using these plugins on my two blogs and have found them extremely helpful in minimizing burden in accepting and publishing guest posts. I hope you will also find these plugins powerful and useful as I did.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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