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How to Receive AdSense Earnings via Wire Transfer in India

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Google AdSense has completed a cycle of beta testings of wire transfers for Indian publishers. The publishers, who participated the beta testing, showed their great positive response towards this upgrade. Although the upgrade is in its beta stage, still AdSense publishers from India can try this feature for receiving their earnings for the month of February 2014. If you are an Indian AdSense publisher and are interested in trying out the EFT from Google for your earnings, then you need to place a request for your upcoming payment to be processed via bank wire transfer (EFT) before March 16th.

Previously, payments for Indian publishers were being processed via cheque system which was somehow insecure as well as time consuming method for receiving the payments from Google. Now it seems that future for Indian AdSense publishers is going to change and the bank wire transfer will bring several benefits to Indian publishers in upcoming days.

The publishers, who participated in the beta testing of wire funds transfers from AdSense, reported that only around INR. 56/- to INR. 110/- got deducted as processing fee during the transfer. The exchange rate of USD also satisfied the publishers. Where the cheques were sent in Indian rupees previously, now it is believed that the USD transfer will benefit the publishers due to higher conversion rate of USD in the country.


As of now, the wire transfer isn’t enabled for all Indian publishers, but interested publishers, who are willing to try the wire transfer of their earnings right into their bank account, can enable this feature before┬áSunday, 16 March, 06:00 (AM) Indian Standard Time. Changes made after March 16th will not impact the payment cycle in current month. To enable the wire transfer for your AdSense earnings, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Sign into your AdSense account at

2. Go to “Payments” section and then to “Payment Settings” section

3. There, apply a self-hold on your earnings


That’s all you need to configure. Once you will apply a “Self Hold” on your payments, AdSense support will analyze your account and the option for entering your bank details will appear in your AdSense account soon.

To receive your upcoming payment in this month (March 2014) via bank wire transfer, you need to apply a Self Hold before March 16. Changes made after March 16 will take effect for the payment cycle in next month (April).

As of now, all publishers need to apply a Self Hold on their earnings to get eligible for EFT and this action is mandatory to be taken by the interested publishers. In upcoming days, Google will upgrade all accounts for Indian publishers and the bank wire transfer feature will be available in accounts of all publishers. Publishers will simply need to add the wire transfer as the new form of payment for their earnings.

Wire transfers for some selected publishers have been enabled in previous month. If you are one of those chosen publishers and have received a payment from AdSense via EFT previously, then you don’t need to made any more changes. The next payment will be made automatically via bank wire transfer. You can visit this link to get more information about AdSense wire transfers for Indian publishers in Google’s official support forum.

Where Indian publishers were experiencing a poorer payment processing from Google AdSense previously, now they are excited to see the advanced, more secure and convenient electronic funds transfer in action soon. We can expect several great improvements in lives of Indian AdSense publishers in very near future. Lastly, I congratulate all Indian AdSense publishers on this special occasion . I hope that you are interested in trying out this great upgrade from Google ­čÖé .

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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