How to Transfer Funds from PayPal to Payoneer

Over last couple of months, I have been sharing information regarding Payoneer and PayPal here on my blog. For a month or two, I...
Rehmat Alam
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5 Replies to “eBay May Turn Payoneer Verified PayPal Accounts to Unverified…”

  1. In Morocco, we signup to Paypal through our own Morocco address and verify using our Payoneer bank or card accounts. Does the above apply to this situation ? I think you in Pakistan signup to Paypal as a USA user and that’s why.

    1. Yes, in Pakistan, people use fake US addresses to create PayPal accounts as Pakistan is not listed in the supported countries.

    1. W. Salam Ilyas, yes you shouldn’t… eBay has been found as resulting limitation over several Payoneer verified PayPal accounts.

  2. so sad that i can not buy things on paypal.rehmat bhai can you tell me any other online stores where i can buy things and pay using paypal without getting limited or unverified?does amazon works?

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