How to Get Approved Easily at Google AdSense in 2014

When Google launched its AdSense program back in 2003, it was extremely easy for publishers to get approved into this revenue sharing program. By the passage of time, AdSense grew into a serious business and it became one of the best monetization sources for blogs, websites and viral YouTube channels. Due to its effectiveness, AdSense became the first choice of almost all website and blog owners where the publishers were aiming to generate an income by displaying sponsored ads on their websites, blogs and YouTube channels.

As AdSense was paying the highest rates in market, so a very big number of publishers joined this program. Due to virally growing number of signups, AdSense made the approval mechanism tougher to retain the quality. Google changed its policies and technology to prevent low quality websites and blogs from displaying AdSense ads. These days, AdSense approval has got difficult and you need to work harder in building a site or blog which would deserve to get AdSense with ease.


If you own a website or blog but still haven’t got AdSense, then my tips might help you in getting Google’s this popular monetizing program. I’m working with Google AdSense for about two years and have learned enough how AdSense works and what it expects from publishers. Below is what newbie publishers should consider to ensure that AdSense accepts them in its program easily.


AdSense Says, “Not Enough Content”?: It is the most common issue newbie bloggers and website owners face in beginning when they  apply for AdSense. If you haven’t written enough content on your website or blog, then AdSense will not accept it in its program. To get approved easily by AdSense, you need to write lengthier articles. Remember that AdSense crawlers love text content and if they don’t find enough text content on your webpages, AdSense will not approve you.

Sometimes, you write enough content but still AdSense rejects your application by saying “Insufficient Content”. It happens when your content is hard to be accessed. To fix this issue, you need to improve internal linking on your webpages. Internal linking will allow AdSense bots to crawl your entire content and thus the bots will find enough content to assume that you have a well established site which deserves to show ads from AdSense.

I receive a lot of emails from my audience regarding this issue and I have been asked several times a single question that “How many posts should be there on my blog before I would get AdSense?”. The answer to this question is somehow hard but a post count above 20 should be enough.  Again the site structure plays role. An effective internal linking can get you AdSense with ease.

How to Avoid Policy Violations: Google has disclosed the TOS for AdSense and has explained what publishers should follow. You need to read and understand each and every term of AdSense’s service. If you haven’t read AdSense’s TOS yet, then below few lines will briefly explain what publishers should follow to ensure the initial approval as well as long-term success with AdSense.

AdSense is a serious business and it looks for quality websites and blogs to promote the advertisements from its advertisers. It doesn’t want to display ads on websites and blogs where the content and traffic quality is poor, where the site structure is broken and where illegal content is promoted.

A perfect site AdSense looks for must be professionally designed. It should contain quality and unique content and the content should not infringe copyrights. Along with several other requirements, the site should receive decent high quality traffic. Here, “high quality traffic” means the organic traffic from search engines which is loved by AdSense. Referral and paid traffic isn’t appreciated by AdSense at all.

Moreover, AdSense bots store some sort of information on visitor computers and AdSense requires you to disclose this behavior of AdSense ads publicly. You need to write a privacy policy page to let your visitors know that your website is storing cookies on their computers.

These are some common requirements which are needed to be followed by AdSense publishers, but just designing a professional website with decent traffic and disclosing a privacy policy page doesn’t guarantee that you get and retain AdSense in long run. AdSense is extremely unpredictable, so you need to read each and every line of its TOS to ensure that you get success with this profitable business in long run.

Website / Blog Age, Does it Matter? Strangers aren’t trusted in real world and the same is in Internet world. Very young websites and blogs aren’t approved by AdSense. If you have just built your website or blog, then spend one or two months to grow it. Build quality content there, design it professionally and drive organic traffic.

Once you will succeed in building a well-designed website or blog with a decent traffic, AdSense should accept you in its program with ease.

Advertiser Demand, Don’t Ignore it: As we discussed above that AdSense is a serious business and it promotes serious products from serious advertisers through serious publishers. If you have built a blog under a niche which doesn’t have any advertising demand, then AdSense may not accept your site into its program.


For example if you have built a personal blog to share your interests and daily activities, it may not be relevant to any products being advertised on AdSense. In such a situation, AdSense will reject your blog.

To ensure that your blog or website is accepted by AdSense without any difficulty, build it under an AdSense friendly niche. A wisely chosen niche will not only get you AdSense with ease, but it may bring you bigger earnings too as some niches pay very high with AdSense.

Conclusion: Although it is hard to get an approved AdSense account in 2014, still you can get it with ease if you succeed in building an AdSense friendly blog or website. AdSense looks for serious blogs and websites built professionally on topics and niches under which there is a high demand of advertisers.

To get AdSense and to retain it in long run, build a website or blog with legal content under an AdSense friendly niche, design your blog professionally and then drive organic traffic to it. You will surely get success with this profitable revenue sharing program of Google.

A blogger, web developer, and a freelancer from Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan sharing his experiences with fellow Internet Marketers on this blog.

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