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Earning Money as An Affiliate With Pay Per Install Programs

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Pay Per Install programs are fairly a new concept in online content monetization and several bloggers and website owners don’t know about these networks much. To make you understand about how you can earn money as an affiliate or publisher with these programs, I have come up with this post where I’ll be sharing about Pay Per Install networks and you will learn how to monetize any website or blog with these revenue programs.

Previously I shared an article about some top Pay Per Install programs which pay the highest in market. In that post, I didn’t explain in depth how the PPI programs work, so I decided to write this post where I’m sharing how these programs work and what kind of traffic converts the best.

What are Pay Per Install Programs

Pay Per Install networks pay you when any visitor downloads a specific software from these networks’ websites through your affiliate link. Once you signup as a publisher at any PPI network, upon approval they provide you some special links. Each link downloads a specific software. The most common software, which are being promoted these days by Pay Per Install programs, are Adobe Reader, VLC Player and different kinds of download managers.

You may ask here, why PPI programs pay for just a download? The answer is, when someone downloads any software from servers of a PPI network, the software installs some additional add-ons on user’s PC along with the original software. The add-ons include Internet browser bars, tiny applications and several other programs. These bars and additionally installed applications promote products of different software developers and that’s the main mission behind Pay Per Install networks.

Application developers pay PPI programs for promoting and distributing their developed apps, and the programs pay you a share when you become an affiliate there and promote their downloads.

What Kind of Traffic Converts the Best: Pay Per Install programs are most suitable and successful with blogs and websites where software downloads are offered. Publishers and affiliates with highly visited software downloading blogs and websites can earn very big with these programs, even bigger than Google AdSense‘s potential with same traffic. I was running a freeware downloading blog last month where the earning was good. But unfortunately, traffic dropped there and my earnings also dropped. Here is the screenshot of my earnings with OneInstaller which I was using on my blog along with a few other PPI programs.


Some Harsh Truths About Pay Per Install Programs: Pay Per Install networks earn a handsome money for you, but unfortunately most of these networks spread malware. You will earn money by installing malware applications on your blog visitors’ computers that isn’t an ethical practice. Although some PPI programs are involved in spreading malware, but it doesn’t mean that all PPI networks contain these malicious programs, some are reputable and responsible too. is one of these networks where I haven’t found any malware till now.

So before signing up and starting work with any PPI program as a publisher, first confirm that the program’s packages aren’t containing malware or any other harmful applications as it isn’t ethical at all to invade your loyal visitors’ computers with malware and spyware for filling your pockets.

So this was an introduction to Pay Per Install revenue programs which can generate a decent income for you if you are running any software blog or website. Signup at any reputable PPI program and start earning with your software downloads. If you are confused where to start, my list of top 5 PPI programs can help you.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields. Pay Per Install Network Publisher Review

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  1. another helpful post, great job you doing Rehmab bhai GOD bless you.
    actually, I’m running a blog about crack software,..
    but after reading your posts, i decided not to copy,cracks etc. , but to work with freewares to earn from PPI platforms… if possible, kindly post a tutorial about one of them, Thanks

    1. Hi bro,
      Thank you for liking the post 🙂 Yes illegal content doesn’t get you success in long run. Instead promote downloading of freewares and shareware. What kind of tutorial do you need? Can you please elaborate it a little more? I’ll then write a good tutorial for you 🙂

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