How to bulk delete posts by a user in vBulletin

vBulletin is the most powerful forum software out there but sometimes its complex (or I can say that the ugly) administration control panel makes it hard for the admins and moderators to find the tools they need. If you have recently started a forum using vBulletin and didn’t apply any moderation policies there, then chances are that your forums have been spammed heavily by spammers already. I came across a similar situation recently and after struggling to find the option to bulk delete all posts by a user, now I’m writing this guide to help others in order to let them know how to delete a user and his all spam posts.

Steps to Delete All Posts by a User in vBulletin

Follow these steps to delete all posts by a spam user:

  • Visit admin panel of your vBulletin forum
  • Click on ‘Search for Users’ link under ‘Users’ section in sidebar
  • Click on ‘Show All Users’ link on the next page
  • Select ‘Delete User’ option from the drop-down menu in front of the target user
  • Click ‘Go’ button if you aren’t taken to a new page automatically

Now on the new page, look for an option that reads “If you want to prune all the user’s messages first, please click here.


By clicking on the link with anchor text click here, you will be taken to another page where you can delete all posts of the user by clicking the button labeled asĀ Prune All of “username’s” Posts Automatically


Clicking that button will delete all posts made by the selected user. After deleting the posts, you can go back to the previous screen to delete or ban the user.

Remember that if you just delete the user without deleting his posts first, the posts will remain there as guest posts. So it is important to follow the steps explained above to delete all spam posts to clean your forums.

Did this help you? Or do you know any better way to achieve this goal? Don’t forget to share your ideas in comments.

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