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CoffeeCup Web Form Builder Review

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I’m not too good in PHP and other scripting languages to write highly professional forms for my websites. For this reason, I was searching for any good solution for building forms last week. While Googling, I stumbled upon “CoffeeCup Web Form Builder” and the software greatly impressed me. After trying it out for some of my websites, I decided to share it with you by thinking that you might need it too. In this brief review, I’m sharing the coolest features of this software which make it “standalone” in its kind of tools.

Features of CoffeeCup Web Form Builder


Installs on PC: One of the most beautiful features of CoffeeCup Web Form Builder is, it works offline on your computer. Just download the software, install it on your system and start building the forms.

Drag and Drop Interface: You don’t need any coding skills to build forms using CoffeeCup Web Form Builder. Basic computer operating skills are more than enough for working with the tool. On right side, elements are stacked. Just drag them towards left to build the forms.

Auto-Responders: The tool builds the forms using a combination of PHP and HTML and auto-responders perfectly work with no issue. You can customize the auto-responders and other notification messages the way you like!


Integrate PayPal: If you want to lead your audience to make a payment for any of your products after completing and submitting the form, CoffeeCup Web Form Builder lets you do it with ease. In addition to PayPal, you can integrate any other payment processor with your forms too.

Multiple Themes: CoffeeCup Web Form Builder comes with more than 15 predefined themes for forms. Choose a theme of your choice from the predefined skins, customize the layout and decorate the form the way you like!

Use Your Own Servers: Many online web form builders compel you to use their hosting for managing your contact forms but CoffeeCup Web Form Builder has a feature which exports the script files for your built form. Just export the files for your built form, upload them to your server and embed the forms where they are needed.

Setting up the forms on your own server is a little tricky and I’ll write a tutorial about this later. If you are a very basic user and can’t setup CoffeeCup web forms on your own server, then you can use CoffeeCup’s hosting for this purpose too. The free package there lets you host one form with limited number of submissions per month but the forms are directly uploaded to their servers from within the tool and you are given the embed code. You just need to create an account with CoffeeCup, synce it with CoffeeCup software and you are all done!

As CoffeeCup’s packages provide you with limited features, so I will recommend you to use your own servers. On my HostGator hosting, the forms are working well, but at iPage shared hosting, they don’t. Try the forms on your server, if you get them working, it will be great and will save you a good amount of money otherwise you will need to spend elsewhere for availing professional and specific web forms.

So this was a brief review about CoffeeCup Web Form Builder. I liked the software too much and you will also love it. I have created a demo form for you and have embedded it below. Try it and see how it works. (I haven’t customized the auto-responder message much so you may receive an ugly message there 🙂 . The messages are highly configurable and you can make them beautiful by spending a little time!)

Liked the form? Download CoffeCup Web Form Builder Lite for free or get the professional version at developer’s site if you need more possibilities.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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