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Chitika vs Google AdSense – A Review

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Google AdSense is undoubtedly the best blog monetization PPC network which has been unbeatable in world of online advertising. Now a days, it is hard to get Google AdSense and for that reason, blog and website owners look for any good AdSense alternative. Chitika is one of AdSense alternatives which is loved by several publishers due to easy account approval at the network. At Chitika, you don’t face any big trouble in getting approval, but Chitika can’t be the true AdSense alternative and it is a reality that an AdSense competitor hasn’t born yet in the world of PPC advertising.


I tried Chitika for one of my blogs last year but after a month, I removed their ads. In this review, I will compare the two networks, Chitika and AdSense, and will look over the similarities and differences among the two. I am not going to write a lengthy and boring review, instead I am comparing the two networks in below table where I have compiled a list of most important features for which a publisher looks at the network he is going to join.

Chitika vs AdSense

PackageVolumeCostHow to Activate
Default Package-Rs. 15 per MBPre-activated
Mini Internet Bundle4 MBRs. 3.99 per daySMS SUB to 5909
Monthly 2GB Package2GBRs. 200 per monthDial *908#
Monthly Unlimited PackageUnlimitedRs. 999SMS "SUB UNLIMITED" to 905

So these were the most important features for which I look before joining any PPC network and above was what me and my friends have experienced with Chitika to date. Have you also experienced Chitika? If yes, then don’t forget to share your experience.

Conclusion: Although Chitika can’t compete AdSense, it doesn’t mean that it is the worst PPC network of the market. It pays good than several other networks. If you are facing difficulties in getting an AdSense account, you can give Chitika a try as something is better than nothing 🙂

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Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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10 Replies to “Chitika vs Google AdSense – A Review”

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    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for leaving your valuable response.. :), yes your service is also appreciable.. Thank you for your good work. Keep it up..

    1. Hey Ryan,
      Chitika approval is easy but AdSense may not accept newly born blogs. You need to bring some traffic before applying for AdSense. If you are providing software downloads to, then try any Pay Per Install program too. PPI programs pay good.

  2. Sorry to Infolinks but the are more spammy in appearance than Chitika! No visitor likes every text highlighted with ads popping up over mouse hover!

    1. Hi Hassan,
      I checked your blog, it should get approved by AdSense if the blog receives good number of visitors from Google search.

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