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The Best / Cheapest Ways for Small Business to Accept Credit Cards

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Online money processing services and credit card gateways can eat up your business profits if they are chosen blindly. If you are running a small business and need to charge your customers via credit or debit cards for your services and goods, then you need a cheap yet trusted service which would let you accept credit and debit cards without charging big amounts of processing fees. If you are tired of trying out different services randomly for collecting money from your customers but haven’t found any affordable payment gateway yet, then below list will get you an affordable credit card processor where you can accept credit cards securely by paying off small amounts of processing fees.

Before choosing a credit card gateway for your business, you need to consider some crucial matters. First of all, the credit card processor must have a solid reputation in the industry. Before entering the credit card details, your customers mostly look over the processor to assure that either their card details are kept private or not. If the payment gateway is a strange one, mostly the customers hesitate to enter their details and you might loss some valuable sales.

While choosing a payment gateway for your small business, first ensure that the service has a good reputation in the market and it is well known. Just looking for the processing charges and affordability isn’t wise at all. The list, which I have brought for you, has solid reputation in industry as well as they are most affordable. So you can go for any of below services to provide a secure credit card processing gateway to your customers. It will boost their confidence which will in turn increase your sales.


1. ProPay: ProPay is an American money processing service which provides the most affordable online payment solutions for businesses of different sizes. By integrating ProPay with your small business, you can accept credit and debit cards securely by paying out a very small processing fee of just around 2.69%. This rate is the lowest in industry. Unlike other credit card processing gateways, ProPay doesn’t charge any additional monthly, annually and other kinds of fees which saves you a lot of money and results in a bigger profit from your small business.

Major features of ProPay are credit card processing via Internet, telephone processing of credit cards, invoice billing via email and credit card acceptance via ProPay’s JAK card reader. In addition, ProPay has built an App for your mobile phone too which lets you accept credit cards from your customers on the go.accept-credit-cards

If you need to collect large amounts at once, then ProPay can process the bulk amounts on discounted prices. The processing fees will be reduced further if you are going to order large funds. Due to its flexibility, ProPay has become the most affordable credit card processing gateway for both small and large-scale businesses in present time.

2. Bluefin Payment Systems: Bluefin Payment Systems is yet another US based credit card processor where several other payment systems are also available in addition to credit card processing. Using Bluefin Payment System’s PayConex platform, you can accept all major credit cards including MasterCard®, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. In addition, you can collect funds from your customers’ bank account directly via ACH.

When we talk about the processing fees at Bluefin, the charges are the lowest in industry. You just need to pay 1.69% of the processed amount as processing fee. Monthly charges of $9.00 are also there but still Bluefin is a perfect choice for small merchants as the processing fee is lower than several other online payment gateways like PayPal, Skrill and AmazonPayments.

3. GoInterPay Payment Gateway: GoInterPay charges a one-time setup fee of $15 and after that, it becomes an affordable payment gateway for processing credit cards from your customers. The processing fee is just 1.99% of the processed amount. At GoInterPay, all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard® are accepted. In addition, your customers can pay you using their PayPal account too.

GoInterPay has pre-built functional and easy-to-integrate shopping carts for Joomla, WordPress and several other CMS platforms. If you want to integrate their shopping cart on your static website, then the brilliant support of GoInterPay will provide you a great assistance in setting up the payment options on your website in no time.

4. Google Wallet: Search giant’s wallet is yet another great option for small businesses where payments can be processed securely via all major credit cards as well as all kinds of debit cards. Although the processing fee at Google Wallet is similar to that of PayPal, Skrill, AmzaonPayments and other known credit card processors, but the chargeback fee at Google Wallet is only $10 which is $20 at PayPal and Skrill. Unlike several other payment gateways, there aren’t any hidden processing charges at Google Wallet nor the payment processor will snatch your funds like PayPal does sometimes.

5. doesn’t charge any processing fee and it only needs to be paid a $99 setup fee in beginning along with $20 monthly gateway fee. For basic payments via credit cards, you can consider totally free which helps small businesses in retaining their profit up to almost 100%.

If you need additional advance features like automatic recurring payments, Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) and others, then you may need to invest more. But for small merchants, the basic features of are enough. Using, you can accept all major credit cards via online shopping carts as well as they have built a mobile app too which lets you collect funds from your customers on the go.

6. Square Inc. Square is our last recommendation which is yet another affordable and secure payment gateway for your online store. It helps you in building an online store for your products with extreme ease. You can sell products right from Square’s platform. Square charges only 2.75% of the processed amount and there aren’t any other charges at Square which makes it a perfect solution for small businesses. The money is deposited into your bank account within 1-2 business days after the credit cards are processed.

These were six best and most affordable credit card processing gateways for your small merchant store. The payment gateways will surely satisfy your business’s needs as these payment systems are rated the highest as best PayPal alternatives by real users. Try one of these payment gateways and you will get to know that you were wasting your profits at PayPal and other expensive payment processors before 🙂 .

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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