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How to Change or Edit Google AdSense Account Payee Name

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change-payee-name-adsenseGoogle lets you change or edit payee name for your AdSense account only under certain conditions. These conditions include the correction of any spelling mistake, name alteration after marriage, company mergers or in case of death of the previous account owner. In selected countries, you will have the option in your AdSense dashboard under account settings where you can change the payee name. But if you are living in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or any other unsupported country, you wont have the option to change payee name from your AdSense account. In such a situation, you need to adapt a different way. Previously, there was a specific Payee Name Change Request Form which was needed to be filled by the publisher with necessary details. But unfortunately, now the form has been removed, might be due to high volume of inappropriate requests. Now a single option is left in front of you, which is contacting the AdSense support directly with your problem.

Contact AdSense Support

To get this working, write a polite email to AdSense support with the solid reason why you want to change your AdSense account payee name and send the email at [email protected]. The email should contain following information.

  • Your current payee name
  • The new payee name which you need to assign for your account
  • Your publisher ID (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  • The solid reason why you need the change

After composing a good email by providing above listed information, send it to [email protected] and wait for their response. Due to high volume of requests and inquiries, you may get a delayed reply, but keep patience. Don’t send emails again and again as it annoys them and you may get harsh replies. Just send an email once and wait, you will surely get a response from them. If your reason was solid, you will surely get a positive response.

AdSense doesn’t allow transfer of accounts from one person to another, so if you have purchased an account from anyone else, then the request for payee name change may not be accepted. But try to provide them with a very solid reason, so your request will get accepted.

What if AdSense Doesn’t Accept Payee Name Change Request? If you fail to satisfy AdSense support with your reason, then only a single way is left in front of you, that is closing the current account and open a new AdSense account. If your website or blog deserves for AdSense, then you should not face any difficulty in getting a new account. Just signup for a new AdSense account with your name and replace the ads on your site. But again, if your reason is solid, then your payee name will be changed by the support team.

Have you got any other ideas? Please don’t forget to share as a lot of people are suffering with this frustrating issue. Comments are appreciated.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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10 Replies to “How to Change or Edit Google AdSense Account Payee…”

  1. Aslam o Alikum, Dear brother, i am facing a small issue, and want to discuss it with you. I have changed my Payee Name in adsense account, because there was a spelling mistake. I changed the name last month, and now i was expecting to receive my payment of December. But still there is not any message of payment in progress in my adsense account. I am using the updated interface of adsense. There is not any red label, with any kind of warning of hold, on payment. So tell me what i do now? Is it possible that they hold my payment, without giving me any kind of signal, as i changed my payee name last month. Or it is normal, and payment will be issued in a few days… it is 28th January, still no message of Payment in Progress. Help me. i live in Lahore, Pakistan. If it is not normal, then i should wait how many days before contacting the adsense support.

    1. Hi Qasim,
      AdSense says that there may be a delay in payments when Payee name is changed. They haven’t mentioned any fix time period. Secondly, directly paid. You will not see any “Payment in Progress” option. Just go to payments section by following ‘View Payments’ link near right-top and see either they payment has been issued or not.

  2. By Delay in Payments what do you mean? You mean that Payment can be available at any time, may be in the start of next month, say i will receive my payment on 5 February, or 10 February. Or The payment will now arrive untill the next payment cycle, means at the end of February.? Sorry i am little confuse. Hope you understand what i am trying to ask. In short i want to know that this delay will effect the payment in different payments cycles, or in such cases the payment is released in any part of month. and what do you recommend, do i need to contact the Google Support or i should wait? Thanks for your help.

    1. They will not process the payment till next cycle if the payment doesn’t issued till the end of this month. If they don’t process the payment till 31st January, then contact them. As you said earlier that there isn’t any hold notification, so there are possibilities that they may send your payments.

  3. Thank You so Much, for your detailed and honest opinion. I will wait a few days, and then will contact them, and will let you know how it goes. and will disturb you again, if i need any kind of help. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks once again for your help.

    1. I never get disturbed bro, it is my pleasure if I can help you 🙂 . BTW what’s the URL of your website?

  4. Is this method still working? I just sent an email to the Adsense support, hopefully they will consider my request. Does anybody use this method? Is it working?

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