Linux or Windows Based Hosting Server for WordPress?


Due to its powerful features and user-friendliness, WordPress has become the first choice of bloggers. If you are a blogger and want to start your blogging journey with, or if you want to build your business website using this great CMS, then you need to purchase a hosting for your project. At present, two OS types are most popular which empower servers. One is the Microsoft’s Windows and second is the Linux. Although OS doesn’t matter a lot for

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How to Improve Page Load Time in WordPress


Although both servers and Internet connections in modern world have become robust, still it is believed by SEOs that load time is a part of Google’s algorithm and it plays role in SERP rankings. WordPress has become the most popular blogging tool on the earth but one of its drawbacks is its poor load times when configured improperly. If your website or blog is powered by WordPress, then you need to consider some optimization tips to ensure that it loads

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How to Move a WordPress Site from One Server to Another Host


Over last couple of months, I am wandering here and there for finding a stable hosting provider. After moving my WordPress blog between several hosts, today I thought that my experience might help you in moving a WordPress site to new server as I faced some difficulties in beginning when I wasn’t familiar about how to make this move. So this tutorial will help you if you don’t know how to move your WordPress site to a new hosting provider’s

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Facebook Like Widget for Websites, WordPress and Blogger


The Facebook Like widget, which I have brought for you today is unique and coolest among its kind of widgets and plugins and you might haven’t used this on your website or blog. The widget, when added to any website or blog, gently slides up from the footer near right and calls the visitor to like the configured Facebook page. This tiny widget contains a close button too which hides the widget when your visitor closes it. Currently, the widget’s

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How to Delete Themes in WordPress 3.8 and Above


WordPress community has brought WordPress 3.8 as one of the biggest upgrades to the CMS. In addition to several other features, the admin dashboard has been modified in the latest release and several WordPress users are facing difficulties in working with the admin panel. Theme deletion option has been removed from the main theme page in WordPress 3.8 and in such a situation, you may be wondering where the option has gone. So to help you out in this, I

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The Free and Best Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin for WordPress


Beauty of is, plugins make almost all tasks related with blogging and online marketing possible over it. If you are an internet marketer and use your WordPress powered blog as a platform for promoting affiliate products, then you might be looking for a good affiliate link cloaking plugin to hide your affiliate links from your visitors. I also promote services of Payoneer, HostGator affiliate and several other brands and recently did a thorough research for finding a link cloaking

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WordPress 3.8 Released – Features and Download


WordPress 3.8 is now available to download at If you haven’t updated to the latest version of the CMS, you can either download it or can upgrade it directly from admin area of your blog. Before downloading or upgrading directly to WordPress 3.8, you might be interested to know what are the new features included in the latest release of the CMS. So here is a brief review of the features improved in version 3.8. Features of WordPress 3.8

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Why Self Hosted WordPress is Better Than a Free Blogspot Blog

Almost all new bloggers prefer to start a blog on Blogger as it doesn’t need any investment. When someone starts a blog with Blogger, Google provides 15GB of free storage, a free sub-domain on .blogspot extension and allows the blog owner to monetize the blog with either AdSense or any other blog monetization method. In one of my previous articles, I have compared Blogger and where you will know why a blog hosted by Blogger is better than a

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When I started my blogging journey, I did a thorough research to find where I should begin. After reading a lot of reviews about different blogging platforms, I found that everyone is recommending either or for those who are in search of a free blog host and don’t have enough money to invest. I was exactly the one who was needing such a blog host. Then I started reading reviews where the two platforms were compared. And at

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WordPress 3.7 Released, Want to Know Features Before Download?


WordPress 3.7 has been released and you can now upgrade to a more stable version of, the greatest blogging tool ever. Before upgrading to the latest version or before downloading the CMS, you might be interested in knowing about the new features which have been introduced in version 3.7. Below features are new which have been introduced in WordPress 3.7 to improve its usability and stability. WordPress 3.7 Features Password Strength Checker: The password strength checker is the first

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Blogging has always been a fun and simple as abc, if it is geared up with WordPress, you can make it more in-depth as per your desire. There are a plenty of grounds that make WordPress unique from other blogging software programs and plethora of extensions and plug-ins are a few of them which can enhance the blog. Moreover, WordPress is one of the highly sophisticated blogging tools that provide many more rich set of features. With an aid of

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How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress After Moving from Blogger


One of the most frustrating bugs, which you may face after moving your Blogger blog to WordPress, is the issue of broken links. If you make the move imperfectly, then the chances of getting 404 not found errors increase greatly. This is because of the reason that WordPress and Blogger has totally different permalink structures. If you make the WordPress URL structure similar to that of Blogger, still there will a lot of broken links remain behind. Although I moved

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How Do I Change WordPress Logo on Login Page / Screen

You can change the WordPress logo on your blog’s login page or login screen within a minute. There are several WordPress plugins available which help you in doing almost anything with your blog. In this tutorial, I am sharing a simple procedure which doesn’t require any plugin and you need to just replace the logo image file manually. You can do it only if you have access to the directory in which WordPress is installed. But before changing the logo

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Best Shared Host for WordPress Blogs / Sites in 2013

Best Host for WordPress in 2013 When it comes to choose a good host for WordPress, we need to analyze the features and performance very carefully. Bloggers have limited budgets and can’t afford dedicated hosting mostly. They go for cheaper shared hosting and every host doesn’t perform well with shared plans. Two most popular names for hosting WordPress blogs are Bluehost and Hostgator. Both are now owned by EIG. Although both Hostgator and Bluehost are doing well, still we will

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger to WordPress Migration

WordPress has become an astonishing and the most popular blogging platform which provides uncountable features to make blogging the easiest and productive. Blogger is the biggest competitor of WordPress which is also used by numerous bloggers across the globe. Where WordPress has millions of fans, a huge number of bloggers still say that Blogger is better than WordPress. It is also a fact that a considerable number of bloggers switch to WordPress each day. We will discuss some advantages of

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