A Small Orange (ASO) Web Hosting Review 2014


A Small Orange is a less familiar name in website hosting industry. This comparatively small and hidden hosting provider is a true champion in providing quality hosting services for its clients at affordable prices. A few months back, I was wandering here and there for finding a quality host and was leaving each hosting provider due to stability issues, but A Small Orange has retained me by providing a quality hosting for my blogs. When I switched from Blogger to

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TopTenREVIEWS’ Funniest Review About Best Web Hosting 2014


Today I stumbled upon TopTenREVIEWS’ review about the best web hosting providers for 2014. I shocked by seeing that iPage, one of the worst hosts, is listed as the no. 1 host for the year. After viewing the list, I realized that the best title for their page must be like “The Cheapest Web Hosts in 2014 Where Performance isn’t Guaranteed” or something similar. I am with iPage for last one year and I have understood what they are. In

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The Best, Most Affordable VPS Hosting for WordPress with cPanel


Shared hosting mostly fails to cope with the demands of delivering the content effectively, when a good number of consistent visitors is built on your blog. WordPress is undoubtedly the best blogging tool available but it slows down dramatically, when configured improperly. A bad host is one of the most important factors in addition to several others behind slowing down WordPress. So if your blog receives a good number of visitors, then you might need to upgrade your hosting. There

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