MadAdsMedia Malware – Seeing “Reported Attack Page!” Message?

Last night, several webmasters were frustrated a lot by seeing a horrible message on web browsers that their website has been reported as an...
Rehmat Alam
2 min read

Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing – My Experience

I am with Google AdSense from the early days of my blogging journey and AdSense is generating a steady and solid income for me....
Rehmat Alam
3 min read

AdFly ( Publisher Review 2014 With Payment Proof

At last AdFly sent me my payments last week 🙂 . I run a freeware blog where I provide downloads of freeware and shareware...
Rehmat Alam
1 min read Pay Per Install Network Publisher Review

Do you know that websites and blogs, that promote software downloads earn bigger than AdSense sites with same traffic? Wondered? Yes it is really...
Rehmat Alam
1 min read Review with Payment Proof

In one of my previous articles about Pay Per Install revenue programs, I mentioned as a good PPI affiliate program for bloggers and...
Rehmat Alam
1 min read