PHPMailer: Called Mail() without being connected cPanel/WHM

PHPMailer is the most trusted PHP class to send emails that provide a complete set of features to enable you to send emails the easy way from your PHP apps. This class supports SMTP protocol too. WordPress and several other CMS systems use this class. If you have started using PHPMailer in your projects too and facing a bug like I faced recently on a client site, then here is the solution. One of my clients was using PHPMailer on his

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How to bulk delete posts by a user in vBulletin

vBulletin is the most powerful forum software out there but sometimes its complex (or I can say that the ugly) administration control panel makes it hard for the admins and moderators to find the tools they need. If you have recently started a forum using vBulletin and didn’t apply any moderation policies there, then chances are that your forums have been spammed heavily by spammers already. I came across a similar situation recently and after struggling to find the option

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How to Backup and Restore a Large MySQL Database

phpMyAdmin is the most familiar tool for database management on small and medium-sized websites and blogs. This free tool makes the task of database management simple but phpMyAdmin is a no-no when it comes to export and import the backups of larger databases. Bigger websites’ MySQL data comes in GBs and the best way to export a large database is to use command-line. If your database size is in a few hundred MBs, then you can run a one-session task

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How Do I Permenantly Delete My Blog on Blogger


Blogger, the Google’s free blogging platform, allows you to create up to 100 blogs per account for free. If you have created a lot of blogs on Blogger but don’t maintain them or if you want to make your Blogger dashboard cleaner by removing junk blogs, then this tutorial will guide you in deleting a blog permanently from your account and from Google’s servers. Deletion will not only make your Blogger dashboard cleaner, but it will reduce load and junk

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How to Create a Free Private Blog on Blogspot


Though creating a free blog on Blogger using a .blogspot custom domain is extremely easy and you can create a blog in a minute or two, but when it comes to create a private blog on Blogger by allowing only certain people to read the writing, many beginners struck. If you are one of them and want to create a private blog using Google’s free blogging platform, the Blogger, then this tutorial will answer your question “how to create a

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How to Unlock ZTE MF190, S160 Modems and Phones


Do you own a ZTE MF190, S160, MF100, MF631, MF91, AC2746, AC2766, K3770-z or any other modem or phone which is network locked? If yes, then I have come up with a solid solution which will unlock your locked ZTE phone or Modem. We will use Most DC Unlocker for this purpose which  is an easy-to-use tool and works in locking ZTE and several other brands. To unlock your ZTE phone or modem, follow below instructions. Unlocking ZTE Phone or

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Update AVG Internet Security 2014 With Offline Files


Have you downloaded AVG Internet Security 2014? If yes, then it is good that you have got a good solution for protecting your computer against malicious scripts, but if you haven’t downloaded AVG Internet Security / Antivirus 2014 yet, then you must get it now for securing your important data. You can download the offline installer for AVG Internet Security 2014 here. After downloading and installing the software you might be interested in updating the product as it is highly

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How to Add “Contact Me” Form and Sticky Button on Blogger


Google’s Blogger is though providing a brilliant free blog hosting, but some limitations are also there on Blogger. One of these limitations is, Blogger doesn’t provide you with any inbuilt contact form or you don’t have access to the server to upload your own contact form’s script when your blog is hosted with Blogger. In such a situation, you need to look for any good third party service to resolve the issue. is a brilliant service where you can

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How to Use Your Laptop as a Wifi Router


Sometimes you just have only one internet connection available for your laptop but your family members and friends living around you also need the internet. In such a situation, you can turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot if it has a WiFi card installed in it. To turn your laptop into a WiFi router, follow below simple steps. After that, you will be able to share your internet connection with others living around you with extreme ease. You can

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How to Move a WordPress Blog from Localhost to Live Server


Have you developed your WordPress blog using WAMP or XAMP server? Is it now ready to be uploaded? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you will learn here how to move your locally developed blog to a live server with extreme ease. This tutorial will simply guide you through all steps and after reading and understanding the steps, you will be able to make the move successfully. Step 1: Purchase Hosting and Domain First of all, purchase

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Using Google Drive With WordPress via UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin


UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore is undoubtedly the best online backup solution for WordPress blogs which comes with many handy features including support for cloud services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, DropBox and many others. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the procedure of integrating Google Drive free cloud storage with your WordPress blog using UpdraftPlus. I’m recommending Google Drive as it is reliable, flexible and free at the same time. Google Drive gives you a free cloud storage of

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How to Open YouTube in Pakistan – 5 Top Proxies


You know well that YouTube is still blocked in Pakistan for more than a year. If you are a big fan of YouTube and can’t live without viewing videos there, then I have brought you five top proxy websites which will let you open YouTube in your browsers by bypassing the barriers created by PTA. These proxy websites are best in the sense that they allow you to access the videos with a faster data transfer rate which allows the

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Stop Content Thieves the Easy Way from Copying Your Content


If you write awesome content, it’s inevitable it will be stolen at some point. It sucks but it happens so often these days. So, what can you do to protect your content from being stolen? You can start by putting a copyright notice on your blog, although I don’t know how much that will scare serious content thieves away. Although there’s no 100% fool-proof method to keep your content safe, there are numerous ways to make it difficult for others

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How to Pay HostGator Through Western Union from Pakistan


HostGator stands among the best hosting companies of the world and everyone dreams to host his site or blog with them. Sometimes, you face difficulties in paying the hosting chargess if you are in a country like Pakistan where PayPal is unsupported. A good news is that HostGator accepts payments via Western Union also and youcan pay HostGator from Pakistan or any other country where PayPal and credit cards aren’t available. If you own a blog or a static website,

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