MoboRobo Review – Download Free for iPhone, Android & PC


MoboRobo is an all-in-one Smartphone manager for PC which allows you to connect your Android or iPhone device with PC for different purposes. The application enables an easy file transfer between your computer and your Android or iPhone device, thus you can transfer files between your Smartphone and your computer with extreme ease as well as can perform several other tasks using the tool. MoboRobo is a freeware from its developer and you can use this Smartphone management tool to

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How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Devices


Android platform has become extremely popular among mobile community. A few years ago, downloading YouTube videos using mobile phones wasn’t easy due to several limiting factors. These limiting factors were poorer compatibility of videos for mobile phones, slower Internet connections and the poorer playback experience of videos on mobile phones. But now, everything has changed. Internet connections over cellular networks have become too fast after evolution of 3G and 4G technology. Availability of high-speed WiFi Internet in most places has

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MoboLive Review – Download (.apk) for Android


MoboLive is one of the most loved personalization apps among Android users. This app is developed by MoboRobo and the latest version, V. 5.1, is loaded with several new and powerful features which will let you customize your Android device’s layout with great changes. MoboLive, once installed and activated on your Android device, brings great customizations to your device. You will feel a great new experience with your phone for the first time and the solid features of MoboLive will

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Opera (Mini) 18 APK Free Download for Android Tablet and Phones


The mini series of Opera mobile browsers have revolutionized the Internet browsing on mobile devices over past couple of years. In addition to high-end mobile devices, the browsers are compatible with low-end mobile phones too. Along with mini series for low-end Java based mobile phones, Opera browsers are available for Windows, MAC, Linux, and Android too. The latest version of Opera browser series for Android tablets and mobile phones released recently, so I decided to bring you the direct link

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SPB Shell 3D 1.6.4 (APK) Full Free Download for Android


SPB Shell 3D is an add-on for Android phones which adds smooth effects to the native Android screens. Once installed on any Android device, SPB Shell 3D turns the screen icons into an amazing 3D view. The app adds surprising effects to your phone or tablet’s home screen. The icons will flip, rotate and animate, giving you a pleasant experience. Android users have rated it the most among its kind of apps and SPB Shell 3D is being loved and

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How to Install Blackmart Alpha on Your Android Phone / Tablet


Blackmart Alpha is a very popular Android application which lets you download free apps for your Android mobile phone or tablet from Blackmart market. After Google Play, Blackmart is the second largest platform where you can find unlimited useful apps for your Android phone or tablet. Goodness of Blackmart is, all apps in the market are free. App developers put their apps in the market and all the apps are listed by Blackmart Alpha Android app and you can search

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How to Update Android OS Version on Phones and Tablets


In this tutorial, we will learn how to update the version of your Android phone or tablet’s OS from an older one to the latest available version. Say if your Android phone has version 4.0 installed on it and if you want to update it to 4.3, then you can get it done with ease. To update the OS version of your Android phone or tablet, follow below steps. Before starting the update process, always make a complete backup of

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Gmail 4.6 for Your Android Phone – Download .apk for Free


Google’s Gmail is the most loved way to send and receive emails either on computers, mobile phones and tables. For Android platform, it has a cool application which simplifies the sending and receiving of emails with extreme ease. Just download and install the app on your Android phone and start managing your business or personal emails right from your mobile phone on the go with ease. Features of Gmail Android App Receives and lets you read emails Easy writing of

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Talking Tom Cat 2 .apk Free Download for Android Tablet/Phone


“Talking Tom Cat” is an entertaining free app for Android, developed by Outfit7. The app gives you unlimited opportunities of fun and enjoyment on your Android tablet or mobile phone. Talking Tom Cat app speaks what ever you say in front of it. In addition to word repetition, the cat produces different sounds when you touch its head, tail or belly. Latest version of the app is “Talking Tom Cat 2” and you can download its .apk file at the

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5 (Free) All Time Best Android Apps Which Rocked in 2013


2013 is about to end and Android users made some apps rocked in the year 2013. The 5 apps, which I have mentioned below, truly deserve to be called as “the best 5 Android apps in 2013” as they are extremely useful and well-performing. Although 2013 will turn over soon, but the apps will keep rocking in 2014 as they are well maintained by their developers. Here is the list of my chosen “top 5 Android apps” most loved by

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Asphalt 8 Airborne APK Free Download Full Version for Android


Asphalt Airborne is the most popular arcade racing game for Android phones, developed by GameLoft Inc. The latest version of Asphalt 8 is available and you can download “APK with all data files” for your Android phone at the download link provided at bottom of this article. But before proceeding to the download of the game, first lets have a look over some features of “Asphalt Airborne 8” which make it the best arcade racing game for Android phones. Features

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Mobogenie 1.0.4 APK Free Download for Android


Mobogenie is a great application which lets you transfer files between your Android phone and your computer. The application is free to download and use for now and is the most loved application among Android users where a lot of users use it manage their files on the phone and the PC. When you download and install Mobogenie on your computer, it simplifies the file transfer and messaging via your phone the easiest and interesting. Mobogenie APK needs to be

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VLC Player Android APK Free Download Beta 0.1.4


“VLC Android APK Free Download Latest Version” – VLC Media Player is a great open-source media player for your Android phone which allows you to play any kind of media file on your Android phone. The software is developed by VideoLabs. In addition to common media file types, the player lets you play several disc formats, online streaming media and much more. To play diverse kind of media file types, there is nothing better than VLC. At present, the beta version of

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Adobe Flash Player 11.1 for Android 2.3 – 4.3 APK Free Download


Adobe Inc. is consistently releasing updates to its Flash Player for Android platform and the latest version of the player at the time of this publish is “Flash Player”. You can download the APK file of the player for your Android phone for free at below links. The links will download the player for your mobile phone directly from Adobe’s servers. The download packages will download Flash player for Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 2.x and 3.x. Adobe Inc.

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Next Launcher 3D APK Full Version Free Download for Android


“Next Launcher 3D” is the most popular premium launcher for Android mobile phones which shows you how your Android phone’s home screen can be rebuilt to reflect an entire new and cool design. The app uses the 3D technology and recreates your Android mobile phone’s screen graphics for generating an extremely high quality home screen. Next Launcher 3D turns, flips and rotates your Android phone’s screen. It transforms the icons and all other graphics to generate an entire new and

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