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Why Self Hosted WordPress is Better Than a Free Blogspot Blog

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Almost all new bloggers prefer to start a blog on Blogger as it doesn’t need any investment. When someone starts a blog with Blogger, Google provides 15GB of free storage, a free sub-domain on .blogspot extension and allows the blog owner to monetize the blog with either AdSense or any other blog monetization method. In one of my previous articles, I have compared Blogger and where you will know why a blog hosted by Blogger is better than a free blog, but when a blog is established with self hosted WordPress, the entire story changes and becomes the best blogging platform. In this article, we will learn how a self-hosted WordPress blog perform wells than a free Blogger blog.


Why is Better than Blogger

Plugins Make Difference: When you choose self-hosted WordPress as your blogging platform, then you can install plugins over it which will automate the blogging tasks. Plugins can do almost anything to run your blog perfectly. There are plugins which can share your content automatically on social networks when you publish something new there on your blog. In addition, SEO plugins help you in doing a perfect SEO for your blog content and you are well aware about the fact that without doing a good SEO for your blog posts, you can’t expect a good ranking in SERPs.

Automatic backup plugins create backups of your blog automatically and they take care of your content to ensure that your blog is always owned by you. You can get it back even after if any hacker hacks it or the server crushes down. I’m using UpDraft Plus plugin for managing automatic backups of my blog. After configuring UpDraft Plus with Google Drive, it was the first occasion when I slept peacefully :).

In short, you can search plugins for any kind of task in blogging. You will find unlimited plugins which will super-charge and automate your blogging. Blogger doesn’t support any plugins which could help you in managing your blog.

Unlimited High Quality Themes: WordPress has become the most popular CMS of the world and web developers dedicate their time in bringing new products for this great CMS. For blog decoration, uncountable options come in your way. There are unlimited high quality (both free and paid) themes which let you build a website or blog of your desired kind. For example you can build an eCommerce website within a few minutes by installing an eCommerce theme.

So you don’t need to waste your time in designing or decorating your blog/website when it is built with WordPress. On Blogger, you will not find large diversity in themes. Just find and install a good theme, make a few minor edits till the design satisfies you and then keep on blogging!

No Fear of Deletion: At Blogger, you need to always follow their TOS strictly and Blogger may delete your blog even if you don’t violate their TOS. It doesn’t mean that Blogger is cruel, but sometimes, we violate their TOS unknowingly and as a result, Blogger deletes our blog. If it happens with your blog, you may lose your hard work of months and even years. But with a self-hosted WordPress blog, this fear fades out. Your blog isn’t deleted by anyone as it is owned only by you!

Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth:  Though the 15GB of storage provided by Blogger is more than enough for a personal or small business blog, still you may run out of storage in long run. On Blogger, you can upload only certain types of files, but when you choose self-hosted WordPress and get your own hosting space, you are free to upload and share files of any kind.

Root Access to the Server: At Blogger, you don’t have the access to server, but with self-hosted WordPress, you get the access to your hired server. You can upload scripts of your own to the server and can manage other content there. For example if you need to add some special contact forms to your blog, then you can’t do it with a Blogger blog, but with self-hosted WordPress, you can upload scripts of your own to the server.

These were 5 unbeatable features of which make it superior to any Blogger blog. If you can’t afford to purchase a hosting for WordPress, then you can stay with Blogger, but sooner or later, you will need to switch to WordPress.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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