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5 Tips to Make Effective Use of Blogger Post Editor

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Like creating a blog without proper configuration on Blogger, writing a post using the blogspot post editor is also easy. The interface of Blogger is even simpler than that of Microsoft Word. But when it comes to compose a perfect SE optimized post in Blogger, most beginner bloggers fail to make the effective use of the editor and compose posts poorly which in turn fail to achieve good rankings in SERPs. To help you out in composing a perfectly SE optimized post using blogspot post editor, I have come up with 5 important tips (tricks) which you must apply while writing posts.

5 Blogger Post Editor Tips

1. Never Miss the ALT Tags for Images: It is easy to add images to blog posts in Blogger but most blogspot users either ignore to add alt tags to images or they don’t know about this important SEO factor. Google and other search engines aren’t strong enough to read the images directly, so if you will not add an alt tag to inserted images, Google will fail to recognize the media. So to ensure that your images are read by Google and other search engines, never forget to write an alt tag for the image being inserted. Use your main keyword in alt tag to ensure that your post has received a good on-page SEO over it.


2. Make the Permalink Smarter and SEO Friendly: When you write and publish a post in Blogger, a permalink (URL) is generated for your post and the default permalink is generated automatically using the keywords from post title. In most cases, the permalink is limited to a few words and your important keywords may get eliminated from the permalink if they were lying towards end in post title.


So you must make the permalink smarter before publishing the post. Blogger lets you edit the permalink of the post when it is in draft status. Before publishing the post, edit the permalink and construct a brief URL using only main keywords. This will greatly help you in gaining higher SERP rankings for your content as keywords in URLs are taken seriously by Google.

3. Write a Meta Description for Every Post: Meta description is believed to be an important advertisement for visitors on SE result pages only by SEOs but it isn’t true at all. Google also takes seriously the keywords contained in meta description and I have noticed it over past couple of months. In Blogger post editor, you will find a box to write meta description for the post. If the box isn’t visible, you need to enable search description. To do so, read the second tip in my tutorial about Blogger basic settings.


Once the search description is enabled, the box will appear in post editor for all posts and then you can write a brief and good description for your posts by entering the text in the box. In meta description, use main keywords wisely to attract search engines. Also don’t forget to make the description appealing for your visitors, so it will increase the CTR for your blog post in SERPs.

4. Add Relevant Labels: Blogger lets you categorize your posts by entering specific labels. You will find the option to add labels to your post near top-right of the post editor. For every post, never forget to enter one or two highly relevant labels and assign the same label for all upcoming posts under this category. Add relevant labels to all posts according to their type. This will help you in building a navigation later where labels are used. A good navigation and categorization boosts On-Page SEO of your content which is important to improve the visibility of your content in SERPs.


5. Improve Internal Linking: Internal linking has many significances in SEO. When you build a proper internal linking structure across your blog, it gets easy to be navigated for both your visitors and for search engine crawlers. When search engines find your blog easy to be navigated, they start loving it and push it up in SERPs.

Internal linking plays role in Google AdSense approval too. Sometimes, blogs with fairly large content are rejected by AdSense and reason is stated by AdSense as “insufficient content”. This happens when Google bots fail to grab your blog’s content and your blog seems empty in eyes of Google. So improving internal linking will help in several ways including SERP ranking improvements and Google AdSense approval.


To build internal link across your blog, whenever a keyword relevant to an already published post repeats in a new being composed post, hyperlink the keyword and put the link of old post behind it. Do it consistently and keep doing it wherever possible. Though maximum number of internal links from a single post doesn’t matter, as it doesn’t leaks out the ranking instead spreads ranking across your own blog, still I will recommend you not to put more than 10 internal links on a single post. You can find examples of internal links on this post above where “Google AdSense approval”, “0n-page SEO” and a few other (blue-highlighted) keywords are linked to my previous posts on this blog.

So these were 5 important tips regarding the post editor of Blogger. I hope these tips will help you in writing an SE friendly post on your blogspot blog.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. I m running a blog relate to bank exam preparation and latest current affairs gk. I have confusion in meta description box available at post editor of blogger. Normally i write all post in meta description box alongwith good searchable words. Is it wrong ? Please help

    1. Hi Abhishek,
      You need to write only one or two lines in meta description. Write a good description for your post using keywords as well as make it attractive for your readers to improve CTR from SERPs. Post content needs to be written in the large text area 🙂

      1. Than what i do of all my previous posts. My blog contains 1100 posts. One year before some posts links were highlighting in google search below my blog name but now no post links come.. Please help
        My blog is

        Also i want to do new starting

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