Add More (Block) Storage to Your Linode Server Now

At last the long-awaited block volumes feature is now available at Linode. As of now, the max size of any single …

At last the long-awaited block volumes feature is now available at Linode. As of now, the max size of any single block storage volume can be anywhere from 1GB to 100GB. Of course, it is much lesser than that of Digital Ocean’s whopping 16TB, but we can expect a considerable expansion in block storage volume sizes as soon as the feature comes out of its beta state. This feature isn’t available in Linode control panel yet and users need to request the early access to the feature by opening a support ticket.

Linode users could only hate it for the unavailability of any extra storage option but now their worries should come to an end. This extra storage for your linodes is available as an independent feature and it doesn’t rely on other resources like CPU and RAM. You don’t need to upgrade your plan to have that additional storage feature and you can add extra storage in 100s of GBs to even a $5 or $10 instance. All you need to pay the storage price that is priced at $0.10 per GB.

Pricing for the storage is same as that of Digital Ocean and Linode has mentioned the price at $0.10 per GB. According to their forum thread, the block storage is built on NVMe SSDs as well as the data is supposed to be replicated three times ensuring that the solution is fault-tolerant.

If I get access to their beta test drive, then I’ll soon come up with a guide explaining how to configure the block storage to use it with your Linode instance. Until that, you can follow the forum thread at Linode here to see how it goes and what other Linodians say about this feature.

Update: Their support replied very quickly and now I’m enrolled in their beta testers. As the mounting instructions are already shown by their system after you create the volume, I don’t feel any need to write a guide about that. Still, if any help is needed, you can leave a comment below.

How to Add the Extra Storage:

To add the additional storage to your server, you may need to request access to the feature while it remains in beta. Once it comes out of beta stage, this feature will become available to all users. If you have requested the feature and it has been enabled for you, then go to your Linode server’s dashboard and you will see the Volumes section where you can create new volumes and attach to the server. All steps to mount and attach the volume to your server are displayed on the volume details page. Remember that you have to reboot your server after attaching a volume to it otherwise mounting will fail.

Beta Limitations:

  • Volume size is restricted at 100GB max
  • Max 8 volumes can be attached to a server
  • Available in Newark and NJ DCs only

While the feature remains in beta, Linode doesn’t recommend you to store any sensitive data on the volumes.

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