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The Best, Free and Stand-alone Popup Plugin for WordPress

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Although unnecessary popups annoy visitors and aren’t recommended as they impact the user experience over your blog and website in a negative manner, still they are important and play a great role in growing your blog and its sales if you use them wisely. When I migrated to WordPress from Blogger, I searched for some popup plugins and stumbled upon WordPress Super Popup plugin which made me satisfied soon after its installation. Today, I am reviewing this WordPress popup plugin for you. I am sure that you will also declare this as the best WordPress popup plugin after testing it.

Features of WP Super Popup Plugin


There are several brilliant features of WordPress Super Popup plugin which compel to declare it as the best popup plugin for WordPress. Some cool features of this popup plugin are listed below:

Embed Any Type of Content You WantYou can embed content of your choice in WordPress Super Popup. The plugin allows you to put HTML content, text content from its inbuilt WYSIWYG editor or content of any page in it. This allows you to put your ads in it or recommend the content of any page on your blog to your audience.

Define Where to Show the PopupYou can tell the plugin where to show the popup. You can either show the popup on selected pages or on all pages and posts of your blog. All these customizations are extremely easy to perform.

Decide When to Show the PopupYou can set the time in popup to define when it should appear. You can make it appear soon after your visitor enters your blog or can delay the popup for a duration you wish. In addition, the plugin sets cookies in your visitors’ browsers, thus you can set the frequency of popup appearance for visitors also.

By customizing the settings, you can make it appear only once, can make it appear twice or so on. You can also define when the cookie should expire in users’ browsers, so the popup could appear again after that interval.

Customizable EffectsThe opacity of background, popup delay and popup speed, all these effects are customizable. You can customize these effects according to your blog’s needs and users’ behavior. In addition, you can also define width and height of the popup window to make it suitable for the content you embed in popup.

Show Popup Anytime You WantYou can reset cookies in your visitors’ browsers anytime and can enable the popup again whenever you need it.

So these were some features of this great popup plugin. Install it over your WordPress blog and present your content to your visitors in an impressing style rather annoying them and don’t forget to share your experience with this plugin by coming back here and leaving your valuable comment 🙂

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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