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5 Best Paying PPC Networks for Small Publishers

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Although there are several high paying CPC and CPM advertising networks in the market but unfortunately most of these don’t accept small websites and blogs. In such a situation, novice bloggers and website owners get frustrated when they fail to find a good monetization source for their online content.


In this article, I am going to share top 5 PPC advertising networks where websites and blogs with small traffic are accepted easily and you will not face in difficulty in getting an account with them even if you don’t have massive traffic on your online business. Here is the list of my tested networks which pay the highest among their market.

Google AdSense

Everyone is familiar with the fact that Google AdSense is the highest paying, the best and unbeatable PPC program on the internet. Although getting an approved AdSense account is somehow harder, but once AdSense approves your content, your earnings will be maximized. If your blog or website is brand new and if it isn’t AdSense friendly, then you may need to work harder to get AdSense.

With Google AdSense, you may earn even $100 for just one valid click. If your blog is receiving very good traffic and if AdSense is there to serve your traffic, then you can earn very big. The earnings are unpredictable and AdSense has the potential to make you rich over night. Due to this unique potential, the giant Google’s publisher program is unbeatable and every publisher dreams to see AdSense ads on his / her blog.

AdSense issues the earnings each month when they reach $100. Payments are processed through Wire Transfer, check, EFT or via Western Union.

AdClick Media

AdClick Media is yet another high paying PPC program for publishers which pays good and I have found it as the best alternative to Google AdSense. The goodness of the network is, it accepts any kind of blogs and websites, but you must own custom domain for your blog. Blogs with sub-domains aren’t accepted.

AdClick Media pays good and the rates are started from $0.05 per click for Pakistani and Indian traffic which isn’t bad at all. For western traffic, you can earn up to $0.5 per click. The only drawback of the network you may experience is the limited availability of ads. Minimum payout at AdClick Media is $50 which is processed through either PayPal or check.


Infolinks has been ignored by publishers due to the fact that their in-text ads make webpages ugly, but it also has great potential to monetize your traffic. The publisher network accepts blogs with low traffic too, and give small publishers an opportunity to monetize their content. Infolinks can be used along with AdSense ads and this makes Infolinks a great supplement for your online content to maximize its earnings. Payments are processed through Payoneer, PayPal or Western Union when they reach $50.


Although MadAdsMedia didn’t satisfy me well when I was serving their ads a few months ago, still they deserve to be listed among top 5 PPC advertising networks. In my review about MadAdsMedia, I have explained why I removed their ads, but you can earn good if AdSense doesn’t approve your site directly. MadAdsMedia can get you AdSense indirectly as it is an official partner of Google and serves ads from AdSense.

If your website receives good traffic from western world, then MadAdsMedia can deliver you good eCPM. Earnings are released when they reach $50.

Yahoo-Bing network is considered as the best alternative to Google AdSense but I have put at the end of my list due to the fact that it pays good for unique views only. In first few days after implementing ads from, your website earnings will touch peaks and may even surpass that of AdSense earnings, but you will notice a gradual drop in earnings by the passage of time. Still is a cool solution for monetizing your traffic and it deserves to be considered as one of the best performing PPC advertising networks of the world.

Conclusion: AdSense is the best PPC advertising network and is unbeatable, so your first goal should be AdSense. If your website or blog isn’t accepted by AdSense, then you can try any of my recommended 4 advertising networks which I have found as the best and highest paying PPC advertising networks after Google’s AdSense.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful information. I never knew about AdClickMedia and do I am giving them a try. I do have a question though. Does the amount of ad clicks generate in real time? I’ve placed my ad in a good click spot (meaning I usually get clicks there) and I am getting impressions but still the clicks says zero on the website. Does it update at the end of the day or something? Thanks

    1. Clicks are updated in real-time. If the stats are showing ZERO, then there must be something wrong with the URL for which you have generated the ad. The ad code is domain specific, meaning that if you have generated the ad for, it will work only on, not on Consider www also, if your site’s domain starts with www, use the full version of your domain while creating the ad unit. And thank you for visiting 🙂

  2. Hi Rehamt plz help me my paypal account is saying that my account acces is limited and saying to remove this i have to provide them photo id proof does i provide them my pakistani cnic?.plz tell me what i do now i have 3.22usd in my account plz help me

    1. Hey Adil, no, Pakistan CNIC scan will not work. Contact them and be straightforward and sincere, they may guide you to lift the limit, despite of PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan.

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