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The Best Free Online Antivirus for Scanning Files and URLs

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World of internet is invaded by viruses, malware, spyware and several other malicious scripts and you need to take a very good care of your important data to keep it safe against such harmful agents. For computers, there are several offline antiviruses which need to be installed in the system and they protect your data against viruses, malware and other malicious software. Apart from offline scanning of files for viruses, sometimes you need to scan files and URLs using an online tool to ensure that the content you are accessing is clean and safe.

If you are searching for an online solution to scan your files and URLs for viruses, trojans, spyware and malware, VirusTotal must be your choice. It is indeed the best free online antivirus for scanning files and URLs.

The Best Online Antivirus to Scan Files and URLs


VirusTotal is most widely used and the most trusted online virus scanner which scans both files and URLs for malicious scripts. If you need to scan a file from your computer for viruses, just upload it to VirusTotal and it will scan the file for any possible infection. Maximum size for the file is 64MB at the time of this publish.

VirusTotal’s URL scanner is also extremely powerful and easy-to-use.  To scan a URL you need to just enter the URL in concerned field. The destination will be scanned and the infections will be listed if found.

VirusTotal is a subsidiary of Google so you can imagine the quality of the service. Due to its effectiveness, the service has become the most popular online file and URL scanning service. By using more than 40 antivirus solutions, VirusTotal ensures that your files and URLs are looked up precisely for any possible infection.

Google, the largest search engine, trusts VirusTotal and uses it for scanning the websites for any possible infection. If Google is acknowledged about infection at a URL by VirusTotal, Google puts a warning with the URL on search result pages that the “Site may harm your computer”

VirusTotal uses BitDefender, Avira, ADMINSLabs, AlienVault, Antiy-AVL, C-SIRT, ESET, CLEAN MX, Comodo Site Inspector, Dr. Web, Fortinet, G-Data, Google Safe Browsing,Malc0d Database, Malekal, K7Antivirus, MalwareDomainList, MalwarePatrol, Netcraft, Minotaur, Opera, ParetoLogic, Phishtank, Quttera,, Sophos, SecureBrain, SpyEyeTracker, Sucuri,  VX Vault, Websense ThreatSeeker, ZDB Zeus, ZeusTracker, zvelo and Wepawet for analyzing the files and URLs for infections. All these brands are well reputed in providing protection against computer worms and threats, so the combine power of all these brands makes VirusTotal the best online virus scanner for files and URLs.

For webmasters, the tool is of high significance. By using VirusTotal’s online virus scanner, you can check your website or blog for any possible infection. Keep checking your website using the tool to ensure that your content is free of spyware and other infections before Google gets notified and pulls down your website in SERPs.

So give VirusTotal a try if you haven’t tried it yet. You will experience a premium security against viruses and infections. You even don’t need to create an account at VirusTotal for using its services. Just visit , upload your file for scanning it or enter any URL to see either it is safe for browsing or not.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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