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Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives in 2014

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Google AdSense has been the best monetization source for well established blogs and websites, but sometimes publishers at certain websites and blogs need to look for any network other than Google AdSense for several reasons. The reasons may be AdSense ban, poor earnings with AdSense or the publisher’s aim to earn some extra cash by showing ads from multiple networks.

If you are searching for some good alternatives to Google AdSense, then this list may get you a profitable network where you can earn decent money. Here is the list which may bring you very good results if you have lost AdSense or if you want to earn more money with your online content.



1. ePom: ePom is CPM network which gets AdSense for you indirectly. It is almost similar to MadAdsMedia and is an official partner of Google Ads network. By default, ePom is a self-serve ad network where you are connected with direct advertisers. But if your website or blog is receiving decent organic traffic, then it can qualify to serve Google ads via ePom.

By displaying Google AdSense ads via ePom, you can earn a good money. The eCPM rates at ePom stay good and I have found these rates ahead of several CPM ad networks.

2. BuySellAds: Purlishers at BuySellAds have been earning even bigger than Google AdSense and you may also generate a solid income with this ad network if your website or blog deserves to get approval at this premium ad network.

3. TribalFusion: It is considered as the king of CPM ad networks but you need to have a premium quality website or blog with massive established traffic to get approved at TribalFusion. Once approved at TribalFusion, your website or blog’s every page impression will earn good money for you.

4. RevenueHits: RevenueHits is yet another good alternative to Google AdSense but to qualify for RevenueHits, your website or blog must receive a good number of visitors from the Western world.

5. Yahoo-Bing’s is considered as a solid alternative to Google AdSense but it has been found profitable at blogs and websites with fresh traffic from the Western world. If your online content doesn’t attract unique visitors, then you may not find a good alternative to AdSense.

6. AOL Advertising: They are yet another premium publisher network and look for premium quality websites and blogs with premium traffic. If you think that your website or blog is receiving a decent (high quality) traffic, AOL Advertising can generate a decent income for you.

7. Qadabra: Its simple and doesn’t impose silly guidelines over you. It doesn’t matter either you are owning a premium well established website or a new blog, Qadabra can provide you easy monetizing solutions. The approval is quick and easy, minimum withdrawal limit is too small and the most important, their support is brilliant. Payments are processed via the growing payment processor, the Payoneer.

8. Infolinks: While discussing the top alternatives to Google AdSense in 2014, we can’t ignore Infolinks. Although they have most ads availability for Western traffic, but you can earn good with traffic from the Asian countries too. I have been using their ads on my several blogs and have received payments from Infolinks several times.

Their support is good and the payment is easy, i.e. they process the payments of publishers via Payoneer which is available in almost all parts of the world.

9. MadAdsMedia: Recently, MadAdsMedia was hit by malware but it recovered quickly. They are an official partner of Google Ads like ePom but their eCPM rates aren’t good as ePom. Still you can monetize your online content with MadAdsMedia if you are facing difficulties with AdSense and other alternatives listed above.

10: eDomz: Their ads are annoying which are popups and popunders, but the earning with this ad network is beautiful. Although there are banner and other ad types available but the popunders are best in earning money. eDomz’s support is great and they can optimize your account for performance by manually defining eCPM rates if your blog or website is receiving high quality traffic. You may earn nearer to AdSense for the traffic eDomz looking for.

So these were top 10 AdSense alternatives in the year 2014. If you are running a blog or website with decent traffic but haven’t started monetizing the traffic, then some of above listed networks can earn you a good income.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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