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Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing – My Experience

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I am with Google AdSense from the early days of my blogging journey and AdSense is generating a steady and solid income for me. Over past few months, I tried to practice affiliate marketing too and got good results despite of the poor efforts which I put in IM. Today I decided to compare the two popular online content monetization ways by thinking that this comparison might help you in understand which one is better for you.

Although I am sharing my experience with you, but at the end, you need to analyze yourself, your website or blog traffic and several other things to decide which one is easier for you to get success with. Some people find Internet Marketing more profitable than AdSense and for several, AdSense performs well. Below is what I am experiencing with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing here at my blog.

Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing

My Journey With Google AdSense: As I said earlier that I am with Google AdSense from the earliest days of my blogging career. When I jumped into the blogging field, I was unaware about affiliate marketing and Google AdSense was the only monetization source I was knowing a little bit about. When I got AdSense for the first time, my blog traffic was not good, still I never had any issues with the earnings.

The earnings with AdSense are satisfying and I never thought about using any other PPC network or any monetization method for several months. A few months back, I tried MadAdsMedia but it sucked. Meantime, I decided to try HostGator and Payoneer affiliate programs and below is what I experienced.

Affiliate Marketing and My Blog: Both HostGator and Payoneer, which I tried, are reputable brands in their industry and I never faced any issue in promoting these services. I just wrote honest reviews about both of the two networks as I was using both HostGator and Payoneer’s services. The results were brilliant and I succeeded in bringing several customers into these networks.

The aggregate earnings with affiliate programs of HostGator and Payoneer were bigger than that of Google AdSense. HostGator paid me decent commissions for bringing new customers to it. Payoneer also sent me several attractive commissions for the verified and approved referrals I sent to it. It compelled me to think that if I work harder in affiliate marketing, my blog traffic’s earning potential is greater than that of Google AdSense.

Payoneer Rewards Me with $25 for Each Qualified Referral

But as I am not a full time blogger, so I can’t work harder in affiliate marketing. In future, I might turn completely towards blogging. Still my first goal is to become a premium publisher at Google AdSense and I might not practice affiliate marketing, because Google AdSense is generating a decent income for me with minimum efforts 🙂 .

For You, AdSense or Affiliate Marketing? It depends on your skills, your blog traffic and the time and efforts you put in your online business either which one earns good for you, Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. If you have strong skills in motivating people towards your ideas, then affiliate marketing is a good option for you.

In addition, your blog traffic also matters. With a very small traffic, you may not be able to earn good with AdSense but in such a situation, affiliate marketing may work better for you. A few sales of affiliate products will earn you decent commissions.

To elaborate this further, let’s take an example. Say you have a website where 100 people visit daily. For a single ad, the impressions will be 100. With a CPC of around $0.5 and a CTR of 5%, one AdSense ad will earn you $2.5 and 3 AdSense ads will earn you $7.5.

Now lets perform a calculation for an affiliate product where say the commission is $20 per sale, but it is bigger at several affiliate programs. Now if only 5 people out of 100 purchase the product, you will earn $100 🙂 . Isn’t it interesting? Yes affiliate marketing is good for websites and blogs where traffic is too small.

My Earnings with HostGator Affiliate, Payoneer Affiliate and AdSense Over Past 6 Months

Conclusion: Internet Marketing has greater potential than Google AdSense in generating money and it can earn you bigger than Google AdSense, but Google AdSense is the easiest to work with. You just need to paste some lines of a code on your blog and forget about dealing with customers, advertisers and other frustrating things. Google AdSense will serve relevant sponsored ads automatically.

With affiliate marketing, you need to work harder to make sales. If you fail to make any sales, you will not earn even a penny, but with Google AdSense, it isn’t necessary either the person going through your ads makes a purchase or not. Moreover, with affiliate marketing, you need to be cautious about products before promoting them as a crap product may ruin your audience’s trust over you.

So this was a brief comparison of the two popular website and blog monetization sources, the AdSense and Internet Marketing. Don’t worry, if you are still confused on which one to be chosen. You can use both on your website or blog, and work harder with the one you are most interested in. It will boost your online content’s revenue.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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12 Replies to “Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing – My Experience”

    1. Thank you Huzaima, have you received $100 to your account till now or not? Once you will receive $100, Payoneer will send me a commission 🙂

  1. Yeah. Affiliate marketing surpasses adsense. With affiliate marketing, you also get a chance to work with selective companies of your choice. Whereas Adsense shows random ads. Some companies also pay the commision for just displaying their ads on your website for a certain period of time. I know a guy who has made almost 8 million pakistani rupees in just 3 years with affiliate marketing.

    1. 8 million rupees? That’s really impressive. Yes affiliate marketing earns very high when it is understood and done properly.

  2. Hey i will preffrer for the affiliate marketing rather than Google Adsence. the work done for both of them is same but i think the earning using affiliate mareting would always be more and early.

    1. Yes Raj, if efforts are put in Affiliate Marketing, it earns decent. But AdSense is also profitable, the easiest and best PPC network where a lot of publishers earn very big 🙂

  3. salam Rehmat bhai, comments dene ka shukriya,
    bhai mera payoneer ka card bna hua mene friends ko invite bhi kia lekn mujhe $25 q nhi mile? plz rply zrur dena.
    or ap ne jo paypal pe account bnane ka method btaya tha wo bht kaam aya thakkkkkkkxxx bht bht bhai ap ka or bhai koi earning site bhi btaen

  4. Hi Danish,
    I’ll bring you a list of earning sites soon. Regarding with $25 commission, your referrals need to receive at least $100 in their Payoneer account before you get the commission.

  5. Ji han koi shak nahin i just made last month $18550/- Just do it properly 🙂
    Paisa demagh say banta hai hard working say nahin … Work smart understand market and promote products thats it.

    1. Great tip Naseem, we need to analyze and figure out what works the best. $18550 is really a decent earning 🙂

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