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Google Introduces New AdSense Homepage

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After redesigning payment section by the end of October 2013, AdSense has introduced a brand new homepage today on November 19, 2013 which has some new cool features. The new interface is one of the biggest upgrades which Google has ever made to its PPC network. Soon after logging into your account, you will be asked by Google either you are interested in upgrading to the new homepage design or not, and you will see the new interface in action once after you accept the upgrade offer.


The upgraded AdSense homepage now provides below mentioned (updated) information.

Earning Comparison

Now you can see the comparison between your earnings of the week and two consecutive months in AdSense homepage interface. AdSense compares the earnings of last month with the earnings of ongoing month and tells you either your earnings are increased or decreased. The current day earnings are also compared with the same day of the last week.

Improved Score Card

The scorecard, which shows information related with your site’s optimization for AdSense, has now an improved layout and three basic components of the scorecard, “revenue optimization”, “site health” and “Google+” sections are horizontally aligned.

Top Countries

It is one of the coolest features which I liked the most in new interface of AdSense homepage. Now the four top countries are listed from where you have earned the most on the day for which you are viewing the stats.

Top Sites

If you are running the ads from your AdSense account on more than one sites, then the new interface lists the top sites which are earning the most for you. This listing is also handy and you don’t need to dig the stats in depth for analyzing the performance of your AdSense sites individually.

Top Platforms

This is the last feature which I liked in AdSense new interface. Top platforms i.e. desktop, mobile phones, tablets etc. are listed from where your site has generated the most income.

Drawback – In addition to above mentioned cool features, one extremely annoying drawback is also there which is the absence of the option for viewing the earnings of any specific time period like earnings of the current day, last seven days, last 30 days, last month or lifetime earnings. This feature was present in old interface but is missing in the new one which may frustrate you.

But hold on, when you upgrade to the new interface of AdSense homepage, the transition isn’t the permanent and you can go back to the old interface by clicking the option “Revert to previous homepage” option at bottom-left corner of the window.

adsense-old-homepageSo if you are an AdSense publisher, don’t forget to give its new homepage interface a try as you can revert to old one anytime if you don’t feel comfort with the new interface.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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9 Replies to “Google Introduces New AdSense Homepage”

  1. Thanks, Rehmat bro for this kind information. One question i want to ask how can I maximize the adsense earning or What kind of Ad sizes should be used?

    Please take time to visit

    1. Hey Sirosh,
      I have found 336×280 and 728×90 banners as highest paying ad types. Try these ad units and always use both image/text ads.

  2. hey hope you are fine there i applied for google adsense so early without any good content and good impression of my blog because i don’t about that so much on that.So now did i apply again for the same blog to ad some good content and with good staff and so many peoples says google adsense not approved a account those belong from Pakistan is it true ? I am wait for your answer.

    1. Hey Adil, it isn’t true. Quality is the final thing for which AdSense looks. It doesn’t matter where do you live. Pakistani users mostly don’t even bother to read TOS of AdSense and they fail to build AdSense friendly blogs and websites. That is the reason behind failure. Write quality content and build traffic. You will surely get AdSense.

      1. Asalam O Alaikum Thanks for replying
        I apply for AdSense account before 1 month and send them my blog link but that is rejected. So did i send them same link again with good content and with good quality article or not?

        1. W. Salam Adil, if you have posted quality content and if the site is following AdSense TOS, then they will approve it.

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