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AdSense New Interface and Features with Custom Payment Threshold

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When I signed into my AdSense account for checking earnings this evening, I got an alert which was informing about the improvements in “Payment” and “Payment Settings” pages of AdSense account interface by Google. I followed the URL suggested for more information and came to know that “Payment” and “Payment Settings” pages have been redesigned. Below changes have been made to some parts of AdSense account interface and almost all accounts have been upgraded to the newest design.

“Transaction history” replaces “Payment summary”: On payments page of your AdSense account, now you will see the text “Transaction history” where once “Payment summary” was appearing.

“Payment method” replaced by “Payment form”: Instead of “Payment method”, now you will see “Payment form” on payment settings page.

“Unpaid finalized earnings” replaced by “Current balance”: AdSense calculates and verifies your each month earnings by 7th of next month and the earnings were shown under “Unpaid finalized earnings” label. Now the label has been modified as “Current balance”.

New toolbar for managing transaction history: A new toolbar has been introduced which lets you either download, print or export transaction information.

Transaction history table: Transaction history table displays the latest account activities at the top of payments page.

Centralized positions for Payment history, Payee profile and Payment settings: Now whenever you will click Payments link on left sidebar in your AdSense account dashboard, the tab will expand and will display main links for payment history, payee profile editing and payment settings.


Features Being Introduced for the First Time

In addition to interface upgrade, some cool features are also introduced for the first time which are mentioned below.

Custom Payment Threshold: Previously, your payments were released after reaching $100 in a particular month and this value was fixed. Now AdSense has introduced a new feature for setting a custom threshold. Minimum value is the same $100, but you can increase it to any value of your choice. In addition, you can define the payment schedule too. You can increase the schedule up to 1 year if you wish to be get paid after one year.


Payment Information Can Be Modified by 20th of the Month: Before this, you were allowed to modify your payment settings by 15th of any particular month to ensure that your changes take effect on that month’s payout. Now five more days have been added to this and you can modify your payment settings till 20th of the month.

So these are some major changes to the interface of AdSense publisher accounts which Google has made before arrival of 2014. If you haven’t seen the new interface in action, log into your AdSense account now. Or view details about this upgrade at Google’s official page here.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. [email protected] do you know some publishers are getting Adsenes payment 4 times in a month, which means every week there payments are release, are you in those category too who receive 4 payments in a month???

  2. Hi Ali,
    No, I don’t know about this.. It is too interesting to here about it… :), are they premium publishers?

  3. If you have bigger payment and you use payment method ETF in you adsense account then they would send you weekly payments

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