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How to Add “Contact Me” Form and Sticky Button on Blogger

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Google’s Blogger is though providing a brilliant free blog hosting, but some limitations are also there on Blogger. One of these limitations is, Blogger doesn’t provide you with any inbuilt contact form or you don’t have access to the server to upload your own contact form’s script when your blog is hosted with Blogger. In such a situation, you need to look for any good third party service to resolve the issue.

contactme is a brilliant service where you can get a free contact form for your Blogger blog. Along with a good looking contact form, you can get a sticky “Contact Me” button for your blog too which will stay visible on any defined position at your blog and will pull over the contact form when your users push the button. To get a free contact form for your Blogger blog, follow below instructions.

Get a Free “Contact Me” form for Blogger

Step 1: In first step, visit and signup there. During signing up at ContactMe, use your email wisely. All submissions at your contact form will be sent to the email ID which you will use for signing up at ContactMe. Once sign up is complete, sign in to dashboard and navigate to “Create a contact form” section.


Step 2: Now build your form by choosing and editing required fields from left column. When you are done, save your built form.

Step 3: Next, get the code for your created form. Once you will save your form, you will be taken to a screen where your created from is present. There, select “Get Code” option and copy the code which is suggested after you click the option. If your form isn’t listed or you have taken to any other screen than your form’s one, you can visit to find your form.


Step 4: After copying the embed code, go to Blogger and login to your blog’s dashboard to which you are going to add the form. After selecting your blog, add a new page. In editor, switch to HTML mode and paste the code you have just copied from ContactMe. After pasting the code, give your page a title and publish it.


Step 5: On “Get Code” page (from where you have copied the form code) at ContactMe, scroll down. You will find an option saying “Create Your Button!”. Choose that option. You will be leaded to a new window where you can get a customized “Contact Me” button for your blog. Customize the options, select Blogger as your platform and click “Generate Your Button!” option.

Code for the button will be generated. Now you have two options. Either you can add the button directly to your Blogger blog or you can add it manually. To simplify the task, click the button saying “Add to Blogger” and the button will be added automatically to your blog.

If you want to manually add the button to your blog, copy the code and then go to your blog’s dashboard at Blogger. Then go to “Layout” section of your blog and add a new gadget as HTML/JavaScript by pasting the copied code in it. Save the changes you made. Now the sticky “Contact Me” button will appear on your blog.

So this was a tutorial on how to add “Contact Me” contact form and button to your Blogger blog. Do you need any more help? Just ask me in comments.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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