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AdClickMedia PPC Advertising Program Review

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AdClickMedia is comparatively a hidden name in the world of PPC advertising as a lot of publishers and advertisers even don’t know the name of this advertising company, but it has a good potential in generating revenue for blogs and websites. I am using AdClickMedia for more than an year (but never earned good :P), and today thought to review it for fellow bloggers by thinking that it may help you earn some extra money from your blogs.


AdClickMedia is operated by MultiPle Stream Media LLC and is operational since 2009. The service allows bloggers and website owners to monetize their online content through banner ads, photo-text ads and through interstitial ads. In addition, if you have a big list of email subscribers, then you can monetize your email list with email PPC program of AdClickMedia. For getting eligible to earn through email PPC, you must have an email list of more than 500 subscribers.

How Much You Can Earn?

With AdClickMedia, you cannot expect high earnings as AdSense but still you can earn a good amount if your website or blog has a good traffic. Commonly, you earn $0.05 per click on banner ads while this amount stays comparatively high at AdSense or any other good alternative of AdSense.

A good thing about AdClickMedia ads is that, they receive high CTR. If you have lost AdSense for some reason, then AdClickMedia can earn good for you. Lets perform a calculation and estimate how much a blog can earn if it receives 10K visitors per day.

With 10K visitors, if you place 3 ads on your blog, they can receive 30K+ impressions. Say your ads receive 35000 impressions per day and the CTR stays 3%.  Your ads will get 1050 clicks with CTR of 3% and the revenue generated will be $52 which isn’t bad at all. I have calculated the amount by keeping per click rate as just $0.05. If it stays high, your earnings will maximize further.

How to Get Paid?

You are paid on monthly basis when your earnings reach minimum payment thresh hold of $50. You can receive your payments either via PayPal or by check.


Although AdClickMedia is not cruel like AdSense but still it has some policies. Firstly, you can’t promote ads from AdClickMedia on blogs and websites with sub-domains. You must have a top-level domain for your website or blog to show AdClickMedia ads. In addition, you are strongly discouraged to click your own ads as all PPC networks do.

So if you are banned by Google, earning low with other CPC and CPM advertising programs or want to increase your earnings, you can join AdClickMedia. After joining the program, don’t forget to get back here and share your earnings either AdClickMedia earns good for you or its CPC stays around $0.05 🙂

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Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. i think do have good repute as i earned .53 dollar for just 10 clicks in just 10 days but the bad thing about it is that i may some time have bad ads on it :P. i am using it on

    1. Hi Jazib,
      I have tested Bidvertiser, their stats are difficult to be understood. What they show aren’t clicks, they are click points and I didn’t have understood yet how they are calculated :(,

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