A Small Orange (ASO) Web Hosting Review 2014

A Small Orange is a less familiar name in website hosting industry. This comparatively small and hidden hosting provider is a true champion in providing quality hosting services for its clients at affordable prices. A few months back, I was wandering here and there for finding a quality host and was leaving each hosting provider due to stability issues, but A Small Orange has retained me by providing a quality hosting for my blogs.

When I switched from Blogger to WordPress, I soon realized that I lost a high quality host which was providing me free hosting. The hosting companies were creating issues for me. In beginning, I was with HostGator but it became unstable gradually and I needed to leave it. After leaving HostGator, I purchased a VPS hosting at HostMonster. It was good in beginning, but one day, it brought my site down for whole 4 hours and I then migrated to A Small Orange after a thorough research.

When you will search the Internet for reviews about quality website hosting providers, you will find reviews about hosting giants most of the time and the reviewers mostly write the reviews for earning big commissions. In such a way, small yet quality website hosting providers stay hidden and they fail to grab the attention of customers.a-small-orange

During my last research, I changed my research approach and I decided to look over the suggestions of real users in forums instead of reading and trusting reviews by affiliates. It worked and I luckily found this small yet quality web hosting service which is serving my blogs perfectly and I have forgot the worries about my blogs’ down-time, slower load time and other related issues.

I’m a regular reader at WarriorForum where I have always got great suggestions. For finding a good hosting provider, I decided to scan posts at WarriorForum and found an old post where a person was recommending ASO and a real user (who was using ASO) was encouraging the recommendation. That was enough for me as both recommendation and the encouragement weren’t linked with any affiliate promotion nor the persons were belonging to that company. I instantly signed up at ASO and after testing their great service, today I am composing this review to help you get a quality hosting if you are tired of trying multiple hosts with no luck!


Apart from a good performance, a good support is also necessary to resolve the issues whenever they are generated. When I first went through their website, their support impressed me. The live person assisted me in detail and answered my questions and concerns perfectly. After purchasing the hosting with them, I have got great support from ASO community and they are always there to help whenever I need any assistance.

To grow your online business, you need a quality hosting provider. ASO provides you a quality service furnished with a great support! What do you need else. They are superb in performance, they don’t over-crowd their servers, they don’t charge you too much, they are always there to support you whenever you need and the most important, they are consistent in providing quality since their birth. Moreover, if you are migrating from another hosting service, they will move your site or blog for free. Isn’t it enough for proving the quality and perfectness of A Small Orange?

I am satisfied with A Small Orange’s performance and you will also find it a great place for hosting your online business. If your blog is going down frequently on your current host, or if the support from your current hosting provider is poor or if it is too expensive, then don’t forget to give ASO a try. A Small Orange community will surely retain you with it by impressing you with its great performance.

Now the choice is up to you. If you can’t afford to purchase a high quality yet expensive hosting infrastructure at Softlayer or any other big brand, then ASO is a great option which will bring you the quality in affordability. Decided to go with ASO? You should go with it. Visit this link to view and purchase a well suited plan for your blog or website at affordable price.

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