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How to Make Money from CodeCanyon

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As a web developer, freelancing isn’t the only way to make money. Although Upwork and other freelancing platforms offer you great opportunities in order to earn a stable income, CodeCanyon is yet another platform where you can start selling PHP (and other language-based) scripts in order to establish a business.

What is CodeCanyon?

If you are new to this word and haven’t heard this before, then is a platform where web developers and mobile developers as well as system programmers can sell their software. The parent website is Envato and ThemeForest is yet another website of their network where HTML, WordPress and other CMS’ themes are sold.

If you know how to code, then you can write simple and useful scripts to sell on CodeCanyon for a price of your own. This way, you can set a recurring income source that will make you money even without requiring you to work all the time like you need to do at freelancing platforms.

As I basically develop in PHP, so I’ll be talking here just about PHP scripts. Of course you can sell Android apps and other stuff as well but I’ll be talking what I have experience with.

 How to Begin

At first, you need to create an account with Envato. Once your account is ready, you are good to submit your scripts and plugins.

But even before that, you need to conduct market research and decide on an idea. Remember that you should never try to copy the ideas that are already viral. Start with small things but try your best to find unique ideas. Try to find the unsolved challenges faced by people out there and develop a tool to solve their issue.

For example in recent past, I decided to develop a self-hosted CMS that would allow people to connect their blogs into a single place and manage from there. Although there are online subscription-based services but the self-hosted solution was quite unique and that had a great opportunity to get sold on CodeCanyon.

Similarly, there are a lot of untouched niches where you can try your luck by writing simple yet useful software. Once your software is ready, go to CodeCanyon, sign into your account and submit your software.

Things to Consider

While writing software, you need to be sure that your code follows the industry standards and it is secure. The reviewers at CodeCanyon will reject your submission if they find it to be insecure. Moreover, you need to include a documentation in order to get your software approved. You can use an open source documentation HTML template to write a descriptive documentation for your software and can include with your software package.

While developing a tool in PHP, I recommend that you use a framework like Laravel or CodeIgniter in order to get your software approved easily. But I highly recommend that you should first master the basics of PHP language before using a framework otherwise you will never become a good developer. So using a framework will force you to write code that follows the best practices and your software will automatically become secure thanks to the hard work of framework developers.

What’s Hot There

WordPress-related stuff has always been hot among the online community and same is the case with CodeCanyon. WordPress plugins get sales easily but you aren’t restricted to develop WordPress plugins. You can write standalone CMS systems, simple PHP classes, simple forms, desktop software, mobile apps and other stuff in order to make money. The most important factor is that how demanded the idea on which you are going to work.

Getting Paid

You can expect to start making money as soon as your software is approved. Buyers are waiting for your product if it worths a sale. If your idea is solid and if you have crafted your idea into a great product, you will obviously start making sales right away.

Envato sends the author earnings via Payoneer that’s a global payment service. There are other ways to get paid as well that you can sort out in your Envato account but I use Payoneer and I recommend the same to you as well.

My Own Experience

I submitted a software last year just to see either it gets approved or not and it did! It was a very basic and common idea and I developed a simple tool to monitor uptime of websites. I used Laravel framework. Although it was just to test either my software gets approved or not, but it has made around 30 sales so far! It really attracts me towards CodeCanyon. As of now, I have several plans and robust ideas that I’ll be selling at CodeCanyon in near future.

I hope this simple guide will help you understand what CodeCanyon is and how to start making money out of it. If you are an author who is already selling software there, please share your ideas below in order to help others. Or if you are a new developer and want to start a business with the help of CodeCanyon, then you can ask your questions in comments in order to get help from the community.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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