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The Free and Best Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin for WordPress

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Beauty of is, plugins make almost all tasks related with blogging and online marketing possible over it. If you are an internet marketer and use your WordPress powered blog as a platform for promoting affiliate products, then you might be looking for a good affiliate link cloaking plugin to hide your affiliate links from your visitors. I also promote services of Payoneer, HostGator affiliate and several other brands and recently did a thorough research for finding a link cloaking plugin for my blog. After testing several plugins, I found “Affiliate Link Cloaking” plugin as the best among all “free” plugins and now sharing some of its features with you. If you are searching for a similar plugin, then “Affiliate Link Cloaking” plugin must be your choice due to no cost and its cool features.

Why “Affiliate Link Cloaking” is the Best

Free: The plugin is free to use and you can install it by searching the plugin directory of WordPress directly from your blog’s dashboard. If you are low on budget and can’t afford to purchase a paid link cloaking plugin, then Affiliate Link Plugin is for you which is powerful enough to cloak all affiliate links.

Easy to Use: The interface of Affiliate Link Cloaking plugin is simple and you can cloak your affiliate links with extreme ease. Just push “Add New Link” button in plugin’s dashboard and add your affiliate link by defining a title and short link for it.


Tracks Hits: Yet another beauty of the plugin is its effective tracking of hits on cloaked links. When you cloak the links, they are listed on plugin’s settings page and hits are shown there for each and every cloaked link. Hits stats are categorized as day hits, month hits and unique hits. In such a way, the plugin lets you keep an eye on how your affiliate links are performing.

Graphical Link Status Representation: Daily hits status for each and every link is graphically represented and you can analyze the performance of each affiliate link. These stats help you in keeping the most converting affiliate links intact and removing the links which aren’t being converted well.


These were some cool features of “Affiliate Link Cloaking” plugin which make it the best free plugin for hiding and tracking your affiliate links. To install this plugin on your WordPress blog, search “Affiliate Link Cloaking” from plugin install section or get the plugin at developer’s website here.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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