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DirectoryPress WordPress Premium Theme Review

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DirectoryPress is a premium WordPress theme developed by Mark Fail. The theme was introduced at PremiumPress which is known for providing feature rich themes for WordPress. DirectoryPress WordPress theme allows you to create your own directory website in minutes using the power of WordPress. If you are thinking to launch a directory website but don’t have enough budget or skills to develop a script of your own, then DirectoryPress is a true gift for you which is loaded with a lot of features which make listing of websites automated and flexible.

Pro Features of DirectoryPress WordPress Theme

Features of DirectoryPress, which make it a powerful directory theme, are listed below:
1. No Programming Skills are Required
You don’t need any programming skills to develop your directory script. Just install WordPress, get DirectoryPress theme and install it and launch your directory website in minutes by customizing the layout and features through the theme’s easy-to-customize interface.
2. Flexible Submission Options
DirectoryPress enables the easy submission of websites through its cool interface. Users can add maximum details about their site or blog while submitting it to the directory.
3. Custom Packages
You can create different packages for the listing of websites and blogs in your directory. Each package can be offered with customized features. You can either make the listings permanent or temporary.When it comes to charge money, almost all major online money processors are enabled as payment options. You can receive money via PayPal, Google Checkout, World Pay, Payza and through a lot of other services.
4. Coupon Codes
You can generate and offer different coupon codes. Such discounts help you drive more customers. The coupon codes can be generated either as % discount or   $ discount.
5. Captures Screenshots of Websites
When a submission is made, the theme captures the screenshot of submitted website and displays it automatically. For each license, DirectoryPress captures 250 screenshots per month for free. If submissions at your directory website are greater, you can use ShrinkTheWeb API Service to capture screenshots of submitted websites by spending some money.
6. Mail Manager
Mail Manager of DirectoryPress allows you to send customized emails to your website members. Mails can be sent either to free subscribers, paid subscribers of different packages or to all members at once.
7. Advertising
DirectoryPress is super customized for AdSense and other advertisements. You can place ads on the most suitable locations to get maximum CTR for high earnings.
8. Make External Links Dofollow or Nofollow
External links can be attributed either dofollow or nofollow. A large number of external dofollow links steal ranking of the websites, so if you don’t want to allow links to steal your ranking, you can attribute nofollow to them.
9. Private Messaging
Private messaging feature of DirectoryPress allows members to send private message to each other. Messages can be sent by entering the username of the member to which the message needs to be sent.
 10. Clean Listing
Submitted sites are listed neatly under specified categories. The list of sites can be browsed easily. Users can search for different sites listed under different categories by keywords, and sites can be added as favorites by members. 
11. Membership Transfer
You can transfer members from one package to other easily. When a free member likes to upgrade his package, you can transfer the subscription to selected package easily. 
12. Multiple Skins
DirectoryPress is loaded with 28 different skins. These skins give you freedom to choose most suitable style for your directory website.
13. Google Maps
Google Maps are integrated in the theme which makes the listing of business most effective. You can either enable or disable Google Maps for different packages and for free listings.14. Mathematical Captchas
Mathematical challenges are enabled for contact forms which minimize the spam at your directory website. The challenges ensure that only humans submit messages and comments at your website.

These were most important features of this brilliant theme. Although the earlier releases of DirectoryPress theme were subjected to some bugs, the latest release (version 7.1.3) is bug fixed. I have purchased the theme, have tested all features and will be using it in my upcoming directory website.

Cons of DirectoryPress

In addition to a lot of pro features, DirectoryPress has some cons also. First of all, the theme is loaded with a lot of customizable options which make it somehow confusing to be customized. If you are well familiar with WordPress, then you may fully customize the site by spending a day or two, but  if you aren’t well experienced with WordPress, then it may take longer to understand the features and customizations of the theme properly. Although there are a lot of text and video tutorials from developers to help you out in customizing the theme, still you may face difficulties due to the complexity of DirectoryPress.
Additionally, DirectoryPress doesn’t allow you to post blogs on your site. The default posts are converted into listings by DirectoryPress’ script, so whenever you will write a new post, it will be published as a listing rather than a post. But these two cons are almost negligible in front of great features of DirectoryPress.
You can view demo of DirectoryPress WordPress theme here. Both username and password for login is admindemo.
Liked the theme? Get it here. Or what changes you would like in upcoming releases? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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