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Why Google Deletes Blogger Blogs and How to Recover Them

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Where Google is extremely kind for bloggers as it offers great blog hosting at Blogger, sometimes it proves to be cruel and deletes blogs for several known and unknown violations. It is extremely painful when you see your well developed blog being deleted by Google in minutes. Although it is most frustrating but Google always doesn’t delete blogs without any reason. Blogs are generally deleted when they are found committing below mentioned wrongdoings.

Some Common Reasons Why Blogger Deletes Blogs

The biggest reason behind deletion of Blogger blogs is the spreading of spam. Google takes it extremely serious and whenever any blog is found as spreading spam, it is deleted instantly. In addition to spreading spam, blogs are also deleted when they are found violating TOS of Blogger. Some common reasons behind Blogger blog deletion are:
1. Copying Content from Other Blogs/Websites: If you have copied content from other blogs/websites, the owners at that blogs or websites complain against your blog and Google deletes your entire blog or selected posts
2. Frequent Posting: Although it is good to update your blog frequently, but this should be kept in limit. If you post a lot of content on your blog (more than 15-20 posts per day), your blog is considered as a bot and Google deletes it instantly. So never write more than 20 posts on your blog per day
3. Spending Less Time on Post Editor: Sometimes, bloggers write posts in any post editor like MS Word and then publish them over their blogs by pasting in post editor. If you do it most of the times and don’t spend much time on post editor, then again your blog is considered as a bot and it may get deleted
4. Copyright Infringement: This is yet another violation which leads to deletion of blogs. Copyright infringement involves the usage of copyrighted content without permission of the owner. For example if you are using images of other people on your blog without their permission, then it is infringing the copyright which may cause your blog deletion
5. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing may also lead to your Blogger blog deletion. If you are posting affiliate links on your blog, then it may snatch your blog from you
6. Scrapped Content or Content Created Using Scripts: If you are using scripts to create content or scrapping content from other sources and then are posting on your blog, then you are doing a risky practice. Google appreciates blogs which are maintained naturally. i.e. blogs with hand written and genuine posts are safe.
7.  Links to Illegal Software and Media Downloads: If you are promoting illegal downloads of software and other media, then your blog is most likely to be deleted sooner or later. For example if you are providing download of wares (with serials and cracks), then it is against of Blogger TOS and your blog may get deleted anytime
8. Links to Hacking Tools and Related Content: Blogs promoting and encouraging hacking tools and other related stuff are also at the risk of deletion
9. Blogs with Multiple Indecisive Topics: Blogs with a lot of indecisive topics are also deleted. So maintain your blog well and purposeful if you want to see it live on Blogger in long run
These were some common reasons which lead to the deletion of blogs. Ensure that your blog isn’t facing any of these situations, so it will stay safe and sound.

How to Restore Your Blog if Google Has Deleted it

If Google has unfortunately deleted your blog for any known or unknown reason ,then you will see a link saying “Deleted Blogs” / “Locked Blogs” in your blog dashboard. Start from there and submit a Restore request. Normally it takes about 24-48 hours before your request is reviewed. Sometimes it may take even longer due to high frequency of requests, so keep patience. Don’t submit multiple requests, as it may frustrate the reviewers at Google.
If you can’t find the link saying “Deleted Blogs” or “Locked Blogs” in your Blogger blog dashboard, go to Blogger Section of Google Product Forums and seek the help. You will be guided through the process of restoring your blog.
Have any other suggestions? Please don’t forget to leave your suggestions below in comments as they will help other suffering bloggers. Thank you!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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6 Replies to “Why Google Deletes Blogger Blogs and How to Recover…”

  1. Google have deleted my two blogs, but the reason I was doing is copy paste from other websites to my blog, since then I have never copy pasted and always going to write my own content, I am a good writer now and I noticed that your original content bring more loyal visitors.

  2. i have seen lot of blogs which is having lots of illegal data like games,softwares and all other stuff. why didn’t they get deleted??

    1. Hi Feroz,
      Illegal content usually doesn’t result in your blog deletion. Mostly, viral posting and copyright claims result in deletion of Blogger blogs.

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