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How to Get a Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan

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This article has been written for informative purpose only. The author isn’t responsible for any difficulties generated.

PayPal is operational in several disastrous countries like Somalia and Nepal but the largest online money transfer service is still reluctant to start its services in a growing country like Pakistan. An uncountable number of bloggers, website owners and other people in Pakistan, who are concerned with the Internet, face difficulty in getting a verified PayPal account. PayPal is dominant in the market in a way that it is almost impossible to process payments including sending and receiving money and purchasing of goods and services online without it. If you are a blogger, freelancer or concerned with any other online business and earn money online, then you are surely facing difficulty in bringing your earnings to Pakistan.

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Today, we will learn, how to get a verified account in Pakistan. Once you will succeed in getting your PayPal account approved, you will be able to collect and send money seamlessly. You can withdraw your funds in Pakistan or you can spend money for purchasing online goods and services. To get and verify a PayPal account in Pakistan, you need to follow below instructions.

Signup at Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the most famous money transfer services of the world. It provides Master debit card to people throughout the world without any boundary restrictions. Luckily, it offers its services in Pakistan also. To verify your PayPal account, you need a Payoneer account, so I am discussing it first. To get a Payoneer account, follow below instructions:

  1. Visit Payoneer Affiliates and signup for a free account. Ensure that you are providing your details accurately
  2. After signup, you need to provide any of your government issued documents including scans of ID card or driver license. Once your identity is verified, Master debit card is approved and it will be shipped to your residence. Normally, it takes about 20 to 40 days before the card reaches you in Pakistan
  3. When your card is approved, Payoneer sends you an email asking that are you interested in US Payment Service or not. You need to signup for this also. A few easy questions are need to be answered by you. Answer these questions by replying to the email
  4. After you reply to the email, your details are reviewed and you are accepted in US PaymentΒ  Service within a few business days. Rarely, Payoneer discards the signups
  5. When your signup is approved, you are sent an email which contains a virtual US bank account number and a routing number. This information is what you need to verify your PayPal account

Now Signup for PayPal

  • Fill in the details including phone number and residence address. These details must be REAL. You can use Fake Name Generator to generate a US resident name and other details. Generate details there and then fill them in PayPal signup form
  • Once your PayPal account is created, you can verify it using Payoneer account details
  • To do it, select the link to verify your account
  • Choose “Bank” from the two options and fill in the account details which Payoneer has sent you
  • Within next few days, PayPal will send a small test amount to your Payoneer account. Put these two transacted amounts in PayPal back. You are done!!

Now you have a verified PayPal account in Pakistan. Payoneer will send you the Mastercard which will reach you in a couple of weeks. Once the card reaches you, you can withdraw your PayPal funds using it after transferring the money to your Payoneer account.

To ensure that your PayPal account is always safe, don’t login to it frequently and unnecessarily. Never use proxies to access it and never accept money transfers from unverified users. Stay safe and sound! Good luck!

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Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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141 Replies to “How to Get a Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan”

  1. Great Brother Rehmat Alam Can you please help me to make a papal account in Pakistan. and also tell me the best advertising companies for my website. Bro I am newbie i have a lot of problems like organic traffic, Google Adsense approval i have not applied due to scare from rejection, Google Page Rank, No one Experienced person who do guide me for make my self satisfied. I know you are one of the worrier who got 4 page rank in a year and half. It is miracle and your hard work.

    1. Hy Naeem bro, can you post URL of your blog? And to get a verified PayPal, first apply for a Payoneer card. Once the card is approved for you, US Payment Service will also get approved. After that, PayPal account can be verified easily. Contact me back after the card approval if you need any assistance. Learn more about Pyaoneer here:

      Regarding with AdSense and traffic, I’ve written some posts. Read them. If they don’t help you, directly contact with me via mail or Skype, we will further discuss. These posts might help you.

  2. Rehmat bhai when i got the mail to activate I clicked the link to verify it but then it says sorry your last action was not completed.The same probelm comes when i was signing in

  3. Assalam o alaiqum Rehmat bhai is it necessary to have some money in payoneer account before verifying paypal ?And if the payment comes in paypal will it be automatically driven to my payoneer account?And is it necessary to clear cookies and history before log in and afer log out from paypal?

  4. Rehamat Bhai! please tell mein pappal account bnany k leye email ID konsi use kron..? is it necessary to use the US based ID…if yes tahn how to login to that ID to verifi the paypal account.. thanx

  5. Hi,
    First of all thanks for sharing clear information about the procedure… I just want to ask a little thing!

    My “Canadian” PayPal account’s sending limit is about to finish and the only way to increase is to link a bank account. I want to ask if this method will work for Canadian PayPal Account or I will have to open a new US PayPal Account?

    Another thing is, you said Payoneer sends an email with “virtual US bank account number and a routing number”. Is it safe to link this bank account with PayPal account? As PayPal limits accounts with linked virtual bank accounts!

    Waiting for your response,
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Adi,
      Thank you for writing in.. First of all, you can’t link Payoneer account with a Canadian PayPal account as US Payment Service’s provided account is issued by a US based bank. Secondly, you have asked a clever question. Yes PayPal accounts verified through virtual bank accounts are at risk. But still this method is handy if you live in a country where PayPal is unsupported. To minimize the risk, always access your PayPal account infrequently and don’t keep large amounts in PayPal. Transfer the money to Payoneer or elsewhere soon after receiving it. It is the safe way to utilize this opportunity. I hope it helps.

  6. helo bro mere pas payoneer ka card hai but wo sharecash k sath associated hai tu kya me us card ko paypal k sath attach kr skta hin ya nh aur muje koi email nh aya routing number etc ka plz tell me now what can i do?????????????

    1. Hi bro,
      Yes you can link it to PayPal. Regarding with the bank account and routing number, you can find it in your Payoneer account under Receive Money>>US Payment Service tab in navigation menu..

    1. You don’t need to apply for it separately. If your card is approved, then you can find the bank account and routing number in your account. US Payment Service is also enabled for the cards when they are approved. View this screenshot:

  7. Salam Rahmat bhai ….. yaar main nay payoneer Card ka leya apply keya tha ise Ramzan main or onho nay muja Date di thi kay 20Aug say 27Aug taak Card muja mil jaye ga but asa howa nahi…. main nay Address bhi re-check keya wo bhi theek hai tu problem kaya ho sakti hai ….. kaya ya card late he milta hai ….. q ka main ramzan say wait kar raha ho yaar or aj pora 1 week ho gaya hai jo Arrival date inho nay muja de thi ….. plz guid karna yaar muja kaya problem hai ya….. main nay wese mail kee thi payoneer ko tu onho nay muja kaha hai ap new card apply karo or DHL say mangwa lo magar os ke shipping 60$ hai yaar it too much …..plz help me what should i do …..?

    1. Hi Umair, shipping date kia di thi? Shipping date k bad 2 se 3 weeks tak lag sakte hein card ap tak pohnchnay me. Agr shipping date k bad ek month tak ap ko card na milay to ap Payoneer support se contact karen, wo ap ko replacement card bhejengay, but replacement k liye apply karne se pehly address achhi tarah check karna, with exact postal code.. But filhal wait karen, don’t apply. Pohnch jayega.

  8. Rehmat bhai muja Payoneer Walo nay 20Aug say 27Aug di thi but aj 12Sep hai yar ……. mare Payment ruki howi hai ise waja say…. main nay mail ke thi Payonner ko but wo kah rahye hia DHL say new Card Mangwa lo jo kay 60$ Cost par aye ga :s

    1. Hi Umair bro, agar 27 Aug. ko card ship hua to ab bhi chance hai pohnchnay ka. 2-3 weeks lag sakte hein. Kuch din or wait karen, agr ni milay to phir replacement k liye apply karna

  9. Hello,
    Can anybody tell me by which courier service payneer send the card in Lahore ? I applied for the card and they said it would reach me till 09 september but till today I did not get it. How much more I should wait before asking them to track the shipment ?
    Help would be highly appreciated.
    Saeed A

    1. Hi Saeed, the card is posted through standard mail and Pakistan post will deliver you the card. Keep passion, you will receive it if you have provided the address accurately πŸ™‚

  10. Hi there,

    Thanks for writing a great tutorial guide for having PayPal account in Pakistan. I have a query, since you have mentioned to use Fake Name Generator, it will generate some American name, and our Payoneer master card is under our own name, so won’t it create conflict? As Payoneer’s FAQ says, you must have PayPal account in your own name to start receiving the money via US Payment service? I have seen in the screenshot that you have had used your own name. Please clear my doubt in this regard.

    Thanks & Keep supporting the community!

    1. Hi Hasan,
      You have pointed out a good question. You need to use only address and phone number from FakeNameGenerator. Use your real name in PayPal. Thank you for raising this important question.

  11. Hello Rehmat bhai,
    Nice post. reading this i have done all the procedures as stated,and my Payoneer card is to arrive sooner next month.
    but i have a slight problem. i have different names on my Bank account(US payment service- my original name) and a different name on PayPal account.
    But now when i look up to withdraw my money via bank transfer. it says

    To make sure your money is transferred successfully, please review your information:
    Your bank account information must be correct.
    The name on your PayPal account must match exactly with the name on your bank account. Learn more about how to change your name on your PayPal account.
    For transfers to a bank account in the U.S., your bank account must hold U.S. Dollars.
    For transfers to a bank account in your home country, your bank account must hold that country’s currency.

    If the bank transfer fails, the money will be returned to your PayPal account.

    Also It requires
    1)SSN social security num
    2) debit card attachment (this i will attach when i get my card)
    what about SSN??
    do not have that :/ What should i do?

    if the name thing is a problem, can i close this PayPal account? so that all attached details entered into PayPal are removed and then i setup a new account with same names and link my debit card to that??
    Help. Thanks

    1. Hi,
      Yes close current PayPal account and create a new one using your real name which should exactly match that of your name on Payoneer account. Then link the account with PayPal. After that, you should be able to make transfers between PayPal and your Payoneer account.

  12. there is also an option to remove the bank account details

    it says:
    This is your only confirmed bank account on file. If you remove this account, you’ll no longer be able to make payments using your bank. If you don’t have a PayPal credit line, your PayPal account status will become unverified.

    If you’d like to link this bank account to your PayPal account again, you can link and confirm it at any time.

    Are you sure you want to remove this bank account?

    should i do this and unlink my bank account to link with another bank?

    1. No, you can add any additional bank account also… If you don’t use the linked account anymore, you can remove it and can link a new one.

  13. No i mean i have this bank account linked to my payoneer card, so if i remove this account, can i re-use the same details with my real name PayPal account(my new paypal id) and leave this old one unverified without bank attached???

    also you are saying to add any additional bank account, what do you mean by that? sorry i dont get that.

  14. so now what do you say??

    Should i unlink my bank account details only or should i close totally the account and setup a new account ( not to forget i have around $300 in this (old account)

    1. First try the verification of current PayPal account and make the transaction as soon as possible. If the verification or transaction fails, then unlink the bank account from PayPal, create a newer one and then proceed according to the guidelines I discussed earlier… BTW $300 is a big amount :), hard earned online money matters a lot.. And yes, PayPal will allow you to link the same bank account with another PayPal account.. But make it sure to remove the account from old PayPal account first to avoid any possible issues.

  15. Thankyou so much.
    Indeed its hard, thats the reason i dont want it to be blocked for no reason!
    I have got all my answers :)))

  16. Hello rehmat bhai.

    Sorry apko bar bar tang ker raha hoon.
    ek aur sawal bhi pochna hai… mera Abhi abhi card aagaya hai.

    Payment transact kitne dino mei kerwa sakte hein??

    jaise ab mere pass $300 hain PayPal account mein. mein isko transfer to Bank account keron pehle?? then withdraw keron??

    Ya phir direct withdraw bhi ho sakta hai??

    aur ager Transfer to Bank account hota hai toh phir kitne dino baad ATM se nikalwa sakte hein?

    1. Congrates πŸ™‚ Or ap direct Withdraw option me jayen or wahan se Payoneer account me withdraw karen jo ap ne link kia hai… 4-5 din lag jayengay money Payoneer card me load honay tak… Or receive honay k foran bad ap withdraw kar sakte hein…

    1. Some friends say that there is no limit on withdrawal amount. You can withdraw up to 1 lac or even more at Standard Chartered Bank’s ATMs

  17. aur rehmat bhai, Payoneer k bank account mein kitne paise maximum dal sakte?? koi limit ka dar hai us mein ..?? ya jitne marzi dal sakty aur slow slow phir ATM se transact kerwa lein ??

    1. As far as I know, koi maximum limit ni hai, or ap large amounts b withdraw kar sakte hein, at Standard Chartered Bank’s ATMs

    1. Hi Mubeen,
      Card is approved and shipped for free. Later, $28 are charged each year as maintenance fee. Withdrawal fee is $3 per transaction.

  18. Bank account mei aagaye mere $$ ..
    mene PayPal se $250 send kiya tha.. lakin mujhe payoneer mei $217 aaya .. :O

    esa kyun??

    aur mein ab PayOneer card link kerne ki try ker raha hoon toh woh nahi ho raha link. what should i do??
    i get error

    We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please enter a different card.

    1. $28 annual charges cut jate hein, each year.. Is liye ap k account me $217 aa gaye, don’t worry, ye fee saal me sirf ek dafa cut jati hai.. Baqi 1% US Payment Service k charges hein, transferred amount pe.. Baqi card link hona chahye, if name exactly matches that of on PayPal

  19. Bhai jaan . Aap meryy saath $ Exchange kr skty ho.Main aap ko payza sy 5$ De Deta Honn . Or Aap Mujhy Paypal Main Send Kr Do 5 Dollar.03317831380.Mujhy paypal verify krwana hai payoneer k saath.Help me as soon as possible.

    1. Hi,
      Tell them via email that you are a Pakistani citizen and provide them with your NIC scans. They will approve US Payment Service for you.

      1. salaam,Rehmat Bro,
        i em facing another problem i have created payoneer account but unluckily i have forgot the password even date of birth,but it is verified account and i’m getting master debit card in a 20 days as well please tell me the way how can i get my account back .
        please help me πŸ™

        1. W. Salam Farooq bro,
          Do you remember the security question for your account? If yes, then it is easy to reset the password. If you can’t recover your password via “Forgot Password” option, then contact Payoneer support via live chat, they will reset your password after confirming that you are the real owner.

          1. salam bro, i have just remember my account email(user name) and 2nd ans i have forgot please me to recover my account and me have got my payoneer card also and i want active that card please help me πŸ™

          2. Hi bro,
            You need to contact Payoneer support via live chat or via email. They will help you in getting back your account. They will inquire about some questions and then will reset your passwords once you will make them sure that you are the actual owner of the account.

  20. Dear Rehmat,

    I have quite a few questions regarding US payment service. I already have a Payoneer card associated with Odesk. Now i am going to make a PayPal account. and by the time i received the Payoneer card, i dont know if i activated the US payment service. what should i do now?
    can you help me out? my email is [email protected]

    1. Hi Hamayun,
      In your Payoneer account, go to US Payment Service option under Receive Money tab. If you find an account number and a routing number there, US Payment Service is already activated and you can use that details to create a PayPal account.

  21. you can verify your PayPal account if you have following

    Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) for Paypal Verification
    Virtual Bank Accounts (VBA) for US Paypal Verification
    Verified USA Paypal Account with ATM Card
    Withdraw Funds from 180 Days Limited Paypal 50/50

    for More Information to verrify your PayPal account

    plz Call Now +92-3008003966

    more Details visit

  22. Aslam o alaikum rehmat bhai mujhay aap ki chohti se help chahye thi .
    Mein Ne Kuch Earninig Ki Hai 257 $ .Kya Mein Ye Amount Just Verify Paypal Account Mein Hi Transfer Kar sakta Hun Ya Unverifiede Account Mein Bhi Dal Sakta Hum Please Reply Fast

  23. Rehamat Bhai jab Tak Maira Payoneer Card Mujh Tak Nai Pohanchta utni dair tak mein paypal account bna sakta hu ya nai .
    Or paypal account bnatay waqat name kon sa dun payoneer wala ya name ya koi bhi.

    1. Salam Zain bhai,
      G han, ap card pohnchny se pehlay bhi paypal account bana sakte hein, or name Payoneer wala he dena.. Or money unverified paypal me transfer ni karna, $257 kafi bari amount hai.. Agar payoneer approve hua hai to paypal verify karen pehlay, phir paypal me money send karen or receive hotay he payoneer me transfer kar dein..

  24. Wa alaikum Asslam Rehmat bhai and eid mubbarak. another question rehmat bhai jo money mein paypal se payoneer mein send karu ga or payoneer card se cashout karwanay k liye mein atm i.e standard charted . se cashout karu ga to kya dollars automatically pkr curriencies mein convert ho jain gay ya us k liye bhi koi another mathod hai.

    1. Eid Mubarak ho ap ko b :), or $$ automatically convert ho jayengay, just Rs. me amount enter karen, withdrawal k liye. For example agar ap k account me $257 hein to Rs. 25000 withdraw karen.. Kuch fee cut jayegi, or kuch account me reh jayengay..

      1. Dear Rehmat bhayi.. i am imran from lakki marwat.. a very backward city of K.P.K. i want to earn money with odesk.. wil u plz help me out.. what will be the procedure..0344-8986633, [email protected] is my email. and shahabi999 is my skype ID.. plz tell me your email or skype ID.. plz help me..

  25. bhai aap apna number dey dein. muje aisey bilkul samaj nahi aa rahi////
    mera number hai 03348066275 ya is pe text kijiye ga

  26. Assalam O Alaikum Rehmat Shb

    I applied for Payoneer a month back and received the card 2 days ago. I activated the card and also found the account number and other number on the Payoneer website which is my US Bank Account number.

    As per you instrcutions I created Paypal account using name generator and it also passed and now I have a Paypal account. I also added the bank account the numbers Payoneer provided upon which Paypal notified that they have deposited some payment under USD1.0 which they ask me to check in 2 to 3 days in my bank statement.

    Now my question is if the bank account statement at Payoneer reflects the transactions Paypal, then does that mean the account is linked to Paypal?

    I dont have to then add my Debist card to Paypal? (As I tried to add it now but it didnt go through and Paypal aske dme to contact card issuing authority)

    Is there anything else that I need to to do in order to link the Payoneer Bank Account to Paypal?


    1. W. Salam Jawwad bro,
      Yes, once the transaction will appear in Payoneer statements, it will confirm that your PayPal is linked with Payoneer. Then put the verification amounts in PayPal to verify it..

      Regarding with card linking, try linking it after PayPal verification. It should get linked..

  27. Hello bro. You mentioned not to use proxies but PayPal detects and can limit your account if some one access PayPal outside USA. One of my PayPal account has been limited. I want to get a new account. PayPal also limits accounts when some one use proxies. If you are using PayPal please provide little more details. May I access PayPal without changing my IP address.


  28. hi rehmat!
    how are you?
    bro ager main paypal sy payoneer per money transfer karon to apni payoneer ki ID likhon ya bank acc, number jab k meri paypal aur payoneer ki ID same hai,its my 1st time plz tell me…

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    neobux is the ptc website by which you can earn simply watched advertisement according to server time do minijobs,rent referrals and much estimated earning per month in pakistan from neobux is very good.
    i know that all of you think that this is fake but you can check thier payment proof simply type neobux payment proof on google and you find thousand of payments proofs,so what are you waiting for.go to this link and complete the registration is you signup through this link you can get daily bonus because i am a golden member of neobux. process.

  30. Salam,
    Rahmat bhai mere pass payoneer ka card bhi hai aor active bhi hai , lekin paypal ka account verified nahi hai jab main GET VERIFIED pe jata hon to wahan card add karne ki option aati hi bank ki nahi phir PROFILE main ja ker ADD/EDIT BANK ACCOUNT main payoneer ka account add karta hon to wahan yah message aata hai,

    We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.

    iska kya karon plz help me,

    1. Hey Fahad, what is the country in your PayPal account? To verify PayPal using Payoneer, it is necessary that you create a PayPal account by selecting US as country.

  31. AOA Rahmat Bhai.

    mai ne paypal me yah address diya hai,
    Syed Fahad Ali Shah
    19A Street
    Dubai, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates
    But i am from pakistan, Agar address change karna hai to woh bata den kya rakhon, plzzzz

    1. Hi Fahad, country change karne se ye behtar hoga k ap koi new account banayen PayPal ka. US country select karen, UAE ni, q k Payoneer account sirf US PayPal account se link hota hai.

  32. DeaR SiR As Sallam O Walai KyM . And ThankS For GuidneSs I Hope You Fyne Well Me Ask 1 ReQuest Quesiton DeaR Sir Me Chahta Hon Ky Meri Acount Ho Paypal Me But My Country Name Not Availabel Is Ka Koi Haal He ??

    1. Salam Waleed bro, you need to open a PayPal account by selecting US (United States) as country and then verify that account using Payoneer. PayPal isn’t available here in Pakistan as you know so you will not find Pakistan in country’s list.

  33. hi rehmat plz tell me how to verify my bank account on paypal while bank name is bank of america.
    plz tell me soon plz………………

    1. Hey Rauf, sign in to your PayPal account and then go to Profile>Update Bank option. There, link the new account and provide the routing number and account number from your Payoneer account. Then select “Verify in 2-3 Days” option. After three days, you will receive two test amounts in Payoneer from PayPal. Enter that amounts back in PayPal to verify it.

  34. AOA rehmat bhai i neeed your help .bhai jsay aap nay btaia ta may nay same steps ko follow kar k apna paypal verified kra laia ta but jab may nay us pay test k laia apny dost ka paypal (verified) account say 5 $ send kaia to mray account pay limited access lika a rha hay 5 $ to mary account may a gay hay but na he may uny send kar sakta ho or na he limited access ko remove kar pa raha ho….
    plzzzzzzzzzz guide me…..
    waiting for urs responce..

    1. Hi bro, it is too sad to know that πŸ™ . Did you access both PayPal accounts from same computer? Now you can just wait for PayPal to lift the limit. PayPal has recently lifted the limit for several users where the accounts were turned to limited status.

  35. If Paypal could just start its services in Pakistan that would be great. I don’t understand what issue they have to reach here. On the other hands, politics are too dumb to cooperate with such companies to bring their facilities in this country. They only think about their own pockets and commissions.

    1. Yeah exactly, our government is the biggest reason. No one is sincere. Where world has transitioned to 4G, we are still dependent on 2G networks πŸ™ Same situation is with PayPal, I guess our politicians are even unaware about PayPal’s name. They keep their money in Swiss banks and they don’t need PayPal πŸ˜›

  36. Rehmat bahi no i have not accessed both paypal account from same computer. bhai i need your help and i have some queries regarding paypal plz add me on your skype address i am sending u friend request and kindly tell me on which time u r available

    1. Hi Rauf,
      You can’t activate obtain a valid SSN from FakeNameGenerator πŸ™ . Don’t attempt this with PayPal, it may limit your account.

      1. bhai men nay 23jan ko somevisits say 377$ paypal per muntakil kiay thay r unho nay max 3 days wait karnay ko kaha tha lakin abhi tak nai aiy
        1.mujhay kia karna chahiay??? mera paypal per login address hoga wohi mera paypal add. Ho ga q na???

        1. Rauf brother , who told you to join somevisits? They are scam . Please don’t take such offers seriously as every shiny object is not precious. If you know blogging then make a blog , work hard on it like you are having a shop which you have to make profitable and that’s impossible if you don’t work regularly.
          If you cant blog then offer your skills online on sites like Freelance , Elance ,Odesk etc . Again plz don’t fall for scams as they are v common now a days.

  37. rehmat bhai men nay 23jan ko somevisits say 377$ paypal per muntakil kiay thay r unho nay max 3 days wait karnay ko kaha tha lakin abhi tak nai aiy
    1.mujhay kia karna chahiay??? mera paypal per login address hoga wohi mera paypal add. Ho ga q na???
    rehmat bhai ap khud batain r 2nd ques. ka jawab bhi day dein

    1. Hi Rauf bro, it seems that doesn’t pay, several people are reporting that it is fake. And yes, your PayPal login email is your ID

  38. AOA fake hai main nay us pay kaam kia or request ki abhi tak paypal main nahi aay,
    or us k sportive team ko bhi message nahi jata, because when we click on it, yeh ec Tiny.url agar URL ko note karain to is main open hota hai page, some is totally fake is ki koi up date nahi hai, agar kisi ko payment aai hai to mujhay please mail karay picture paypal ki kay some visits say recieve huay,

    Or Rehmat Sb
    Pakistan main Pay pal sprotive Atm kon kon say banks kay hain, mastercard ki web site pay to MCB, Faisalaba main tha magar us main balance nahi btata, or us k help line pay baat ki to kehty hain k yeh sahulat khatam hai ab kon kon say banks hain jin say with draw kar sakty hain? or balance inquiry,

    Thank you

    1. W. Salam Umair bro, ka to mujhy kuch ni pata, but I’ll answer your question πŸ™‚
      In Pakistan, MCB, Standard Chartered, Citi Bank and Faysal Bank’s ATMs are supported by Payoneer. But don’t inquire funds at ATMs. Fee will be deducted but ATMs will not provide any information about available funds. Just check your Payoneer account for available funds and then directly withdraw funds at ATMs. Faysal bank’s ATMs sometimes give errors, so go to any MCB or Standard Chartered ATM.

  39. Salam, Rehmat bhayi, Sab se pehle tu aapka buhut shukriya.. Aapke blog se main ne kafi madad mili hai.

    Mera question MCB withdraw se related hai. Main ne pehli bar 1000 RS withdraw kiye testing ke liye 2 din pehle. Tu Payoneer account mein details is terha show ho rahi hain.

    Transaction Amount 1000.00 PKR
    Withdrawal Fee $3.15
    Total Charged $14.94

    Yaani fee cut ker ke $11.79 mein RS:1000 withdraw howe 2 din pehle. Jo ke taqreban 85 rupay per dollar ban rahey hain. Main ne MCB phone ker ke pata kiya tu unho ne kaha ke us din ka highest rate se paisay withdraw hote hain aur kal ka rate 80 rupay tha. But Net per InterBank PK Currency rates 2 din pehle ke bhi aur kal ke bhi 105 rupay per dollar show ker rahey hain. Mere kafi paisay Paypal mein mojod hain aur woh abhi withdraw hone hain. 20 se 25 rupees kam mein per dollar tu kafi mehnga hai yeh payoneer card system. Bara e karam apne tajribe se aagah kerein. Fee cut ker ke aapke pas kitna difference aata hai exchange rates mein.

    1. Hi bro,
      No, the bank staff hasn’t provided you with accurate details. Conversion stays above Rs. 100 for me. In addition to Payoneer’s $3.15, Rs. 200 transaction fee is also there and the fee is charged by MCB for usage of its ATM. Now you say that total $14.94 have been charged for the transaction. Lets perform a calculation by assuming Rs. 105 per USD as conversion rate.
      Payoneer Charges=$3.15, or Rs. 330 and MCB charges=Rs. 200. Now total charges per transaction are Rs. 530. You got Rs. 1000 and Rs. 530 were deducted as the fee. So there is just a small difference of Rs. 38. The dollars are converted around Rs. 105/$. Remember that the transaction fee is same for all kinds of transactions. It doesn’t matter either you withdraw Rs. 1000 or Rs. 100000, the fee is same. So you can withdraw your PayPal money without any fear.

      1. Thank you so much Rehmat bhayi for clarifying the issue. I was worried as i just got half payment in payoneer and was assuming to get a low conversion rate. Thanks

          1. Well, now that’s even more better. πŸ™‚ Payoneer solve problem for many Pakistanis but the only issue i have right now is the MCB itself. There was some problem in ATM’s 2 days straight then on monday it took me half day to just withdraw Rs:1000. 3 branches and none of them had a working ATM. And i just gone to ATM again about an hour ago but it was close again while all other ATM’s are working fine day and night like HBL, Askari, Alfalah etc.

            By the way, i read somewhere on this blog about Faysal Bank supporting Payoneer. Even though they have some mastercard cards according to website but ATM doesn’t support it here in my city. Only Visa. I wonder why Visa is so popular here. I wish there was more supporters for MasterCard.

          2. Yeah Payoneer has helped us a lot. The worst about Visa cards is, they aren’t supported for online shopping too πŸ™ Visa cards, which are given to our poor banks aren’t recognized internationally. Faysal bank’s ATM is though MasterCard compatible, still it gives errors mostly. Fee will be deducted by transaction doesn’t complete most of the time. MCB’s ATMs doesn’t create any issues, so always withdraw your money at MCB ATMs. Go there in working hours at day time, the ATM will work.

  40. rehmat bhai ye blogging kia hoti ha mjhay btaiay men thoray boht paisay kamana chahta hon mijhay medical k adm r entry test ki tayari k liay paison ke zarorat hay plz help me by advising some online warning sourcw plz tell me soon plz………….

  41. Oh, i didn’t know that they’re not recognized internationally. Still yeah, it’s thanks to MCB, we can at-least use MasterCard without any issue.

    I have one more question. How much can we withdraw in one day from ATM? I was thinking to withdraw 30’000 but not sure if transaction will fail?

    1. Hey Ali,
      As far as I know, you can withdraw up to 5 lac rupees per transaction at MCB ATMs. Withdrawal of Rs. 30000 will stay successful without any error. Go ahead πŸ™‚

      1. Salam Rehmat, Today i tried and it didn’t let me withdraw 45000 on first try and then 30000 on second try. Then on 3rd try it worked with 20’000. Not sure if that’s because of ATM machine daily limit or card daily limit. It charged me $201.51 in Payoneer. So i guess no charges for first 2 failed tries. πŸ™‚ Next time i will try 25000.

        1. Great bro πŸ™‚ . Did you use MCB ATM? And yes, it seems that the failed tries aren’t charged. At Standard Chartered ATMs, some friends have withdrawn up to two lac at a time.

    1. W. Salam. Yes it is safe as far as you care about your account. After creating and verifying the account, never access it again and again. Use only a single PC to access your account. Never link it with eBay. Your account will stay safe. Still don’t keep money in your PayPal account as it is unpredictable and can limit the account anytime. Transfer the money to Payoneer soon after the money reaches your PayPal account. By following these tips, you can make use of a fake PayPal account here in Pakistan.

  42. assalam-0-alaikum Rehmat bhai,
    i have made a payoneer account they have sent me bank account number and routing number and i hope mater card will reach here soon, inshallah i want to ask you that , how to register in , and kya is sy koe problem to nhi ho jay ga?

    1. W. Salam bro,
      You don’t need to register at FakeNameGenerator, just grab the details (address, zip code and telephone number) from there and use that details on PayPal to create a PayPal account. Regarding with problems, PayPal in Pakistan is unsupported you know and your account may get limited anytime. To stay safe, don’t keep any money in PayPal. Transfer it to Payoneer soon after you receive it in PayPal.

  43. hi rehmat,
    i want to earn some money through blogging can you help me to make any type of making blogs and i have a blog but i donot know how to make a good blog, what are the best tricks to make a good BLOG?

  44. Assalam o alaikum rehmat bhai i want to earn money through blogging i have made a blog but it is not that good to to earn money from it.Can you guide me how to make a blog through which i can earn money and what things will be required.Please help


  45. AOA rehmat bhi ap say ak sawal pucna ta muj ko paynoeer card ki sari detalies bank account no pata cal gha ha pr card agly month mily ga kaha ma abi paypal ky liya apply kar dn ….? Or paynoeer account verfiy kasy karon unhn ny online presence ka proof manga ha meri koi apni website nhi plz guide karyn sukayria

    1. Bro tell them that you are doing freelancing work. They will approve your account. And if you have received US Payment Service details, you can create and verify a PayPal account.

  46. thnks
    bro would you tell me how can i Purchase the domain name from godaddy in pakistan without paypal tell most easy methode would you help me getting a domain from go daddy…?

  47. rehmat bhi
    most people says that it is not safe to open paypal account in pakistan they says it will be suspended at any time and your account will be lost but my question is if we use vpn like( connection when we login paypal as we mention in our paypal account that we live in US and vpn show our location in US and during this we send our money to paynoeer account .will not it make the account more secure………?

    1. Hi bro,
      Never use VPN or any other tool/service as they are detected and your account is disabled. To stay safe, don’t access your PayPal account again and again, never keep much money it (withdraw the money to Payoneer) and use only a single computer to access your account. My PayPal account is safe for about one year.

  48. Asalamualaikm..
    aaj ALHAMDULILLAH i got my payoneer card..but bro paypal verification mein, mobile number ka masla arha hai text message ka.. :/ .. country is US.. US mein tou koi nhi rehta mera, what should i do now..?? text message verfication maang rha hai Paypal..

    1. W. Salam Hasan,
      Congratulations for the card. At PayPal’s screen, select “Verify in 2-3 Days” option while linking your account.

  49. bhai mera payoner ma acount bna howa ha atm card b a ga ha plzzz mujhe pay pal ma acount bnana ha plzzz ap bna do mein boht try kia ha mujhe sa ni howa agar koi bna k da sakta ha to plzzz ma ap ko jitna pasa chaia ho ma aap ko easy pasa kr doo ga …my mail is [email protected]

    1. Bro what’s your complete name? Kindly let me know about it, after that, I’ll be able to create an account for you.

  50. rehmat bhai me ne abhi kuch din phle data entry ka kam shuru kiya tha
    or mera paypal ka account verified bhi nhin tha or me ne apni paypal wali email whn registration me de di thi
    or ab wo change bhi nahin hoskti
    me ne apke blog prhe
    abhi mene kuch dino phle phir me ne payoneer pe account bnaya, abhi card ane me bhi dair hai
    ab me kya karun?
    i mean paypal verified tb hi goa jb card mere pas ajayega. mujhe kuch smjh nahin aa rha kya karun me? πŸ™
    or ese to pasie bhi nhin milskte.

    1. Ap PayPal verify kar sakty hein, without card. Just approved Payoneer account chahye, you can use US Payment Service details to verify PayPal, by linking Payoneer account as a bank account with PayPal

  51. Asalam o Alaikum

    Bhai jaan , umeed ha aap khariyat se hoon ge. Me dua kerta hoon k aap hamesha khush raho.

    Ik chota sa Problem discuss kerna chahta hoon. Me ne recently , 3 din pehle apna Paypal-Personal-account banaya aur Payoneer k through usko Verify b kara lia ha.

    Mere account me is waqt kuch Dollars hain lekin jab me isko withdraw kerne ki koshish krta hoon to Paypal Mobile number poochta ha ta k wo us pe mujhe ik Code send kr sakay jisko enter krne k baad hi meri transaction/transfer successful ho ge.

    Ab mene Paypal ka account banatay waqt to fake phone number enter ki tha ab agr me paise nikalta hoon to wo us fake mobile number pe ik code bhej den ge Jo mujhe ni pata.

    Na hi mere pas USA ka koi original mobile/phone number ha jis se mera kaam chal jaey.

    Please help me

    Best regards

    1. Hi Nasir, thank you for your good words. Regarding with the mobile number verification issue, it is frustrating. BTW have you tried to transfer the money to any other PayPal account? At the moment, I don’t have any solutions regarding this issue πŸ™ . I’ll search for any possible solution soon.

  52. mera payoneer ka account abhi approved kahan hoa hai
    kya ap mujhe paypal ka account verified karke denge?

    1. I have used my Payoneer account to verify PayPal bro, so I don’t have any other choice left to verify any additional PayPal accounts. BTW you can get back to me when your Payoneer account is approved. My email is rehmat (at)

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