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Three Top (Free) Visitor Counters for Blogs

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Visitor counters are among the important widgets and plugins for blogs and websites. They provide you and your visitors with details about the traffic. Bloggers love to add visitor counters to their blogs, so I have brought three top visitor counter widgets which not only provide details about visitors but two of these services provide detailed reports about your blog’s traffic.
Analytic services greatly help you in understanding your visitors. After analyzing details about your blog’s traffic, you can figure out what is doing good on your blog and what needs to be improved. Thus you can work on the weaknesses of your blog to improve its performance effectively.
Histats Counters and Analytics
Histats is the most widely analytic service which is loved by several bloggers and website owners due to its brilliant features and free of cost reliable service. You can create various kinds of visitor counters for your blog. These visitor counters are available in both Flash and GIF platform.

Histats’ service not only provides you visitor counters, it analyzes your each and every visitor also. From your counter’s dashboard in Histats’ website, you can keep yourself informed about online visitors, their path and much more. You can also get information about most visited posts and pages. Additionally, the bounce rate and time spent by visitors on your blog can be analyzed also.

When it comes to analyze the SERP rankings of your blog, Histats do good in this sector also. You will be provided with details of number of visitors from search engines, searched keyword, SERP position of your blog’s URL and much more. This makes Histats a complete set of analytic tools for blogs and websites.
Sometimes, bloggers don’t want to display any visitor counter on their blog and they want to track the traffic details privately. For this purpose, Histats provides you a hidden code which tracks the visitors without displaying any visitor counter on your blog.
Google Analytics is the most reliable analytic tools for websites and blogs which is being used by almost all webmasters, but beginner bloggers face difficulties while using Google Analytics features. In such a situation, Histats is a very good alternative which provides all necessary stats displayed in an easy to understand layout.
Clicky Real Time Web Analytics
Clicky is yet another feature rich and free analytic service for blogs and websites. Like Histats, Clicky also provides you with detailed stats of your traffic. You can embed the code from Clicky on your blog to track each and every visitor.
The counter code from Clicky embeds a floating/sticky visitor counter on bottom of your blog which displays the number of visitors browsing your blog at a particular time. Additional sensitive reports are also embedded on your blog which are visible only to you.
The real time reports in your account dashboard keep you updated with online visitors. You can view how many visitors are browsing your blog, from where they have come, what they are doing on your blog right now and much more.
99 Counters
99 Counters embed a good looking Flash visitor counter on your blog. In beginning, the 99 Counters’ embed code was clean but now the code looks strange and contains some strange links in it. Still many webmasters use 99 Counters for displaying visitor count numbers on their blogs and websites. It ensures that the counter’s code is safe. This widget displays number of online visitors from different countries, number of visitors for the current day and all time visitors.
Traffic stats are also provided when you embed the counter on your blog. The stats provide details about your visitor location, OS of your visitor’s machine, visited path and much more.
These were three best visitor counters which aren’t free only, they are feature rich also. Choose any of these widgets and start tracking your visitors. This will help you in improving your blog’s performance greatly. Good luck!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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