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5 Quick AdSense Approval Tricks

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Although great Google can’t be tricked, still there are some important practices which can help you in getting an approved AdSense account quickly. Several bloggers and website owners face difficulty in their AdSense account approval, so I decided to share some important tips which will increase the chances of AdSense account approval. Before reading this article, please keep this in mind that we don’t know and share any secrets related with AdSense and this article is based only on personal experience and observations.

Site Theme / Topic Comes First
Your blog’s niche, theme or the topic is most important in deciding either Google approves your account or not. AdSense is a serious business and it promotes products of companies and individuals on targeted websites and blogs. If your blog or website doesn’t have a well defined theme, then AdSense is most likely not going to approve your account. So before applying for AdSense, ensure that your blog defines a topic clearly. For example you can create a blog about health tips and share content only related to health on your blog.

Sometimes, even blogs and websites with well defined theme are not accepted by AdSense. It happens when the topic of the blog is not much popular or doesn’t have any business scope. If same is the case of your blog, you may need to change the entire niche of your blog or website if it is in its initial stage or try any AdSense alternative.

Site Structure

The second most important factor, which may prevent AdSense to approve your account, is bad site structure. Sometimes blogs and websites are not designed well. Both navigation and internal linking are important. To ensure that AdSense approves your account quickly, first design your blog cleanly. i.e. develop a good and easy navigation and build a good internal linking structure. Once your site is easy for bots to crawl, AdSense crawlers will get maximum details about your blog’s content, thus your account will get approved quickly if the content satisfies the crawlers.

Organic Traffic

If your blog doesn’t receive good traffic from search engines, then AdSense may not accept it in its program easily. AdSense loves organic traffic and if your blog receives good flow of traffic from search engines, then your account will get approved easily. Otherwise you may need to work for bringing more visitors to your blog.

Content Quality and Quantity

You can’t get AdSense on crappy blogs and websites which are full of copied/pasted content. To get and retain AdSense, your blog must contain good quantity of quality and unique content. Usually, AdSense approves blogs when they contain more than 15 or 20 unique posts. So before applying for AdSense, ensure that your blog contains enough quality posts.

Blog / Website Age

AdSense hasn’t defined anywhere about the blog or website’s age but it is believed that very young blogs and websites are not accepted by AdSense. Before applying for AdSense, wait for a few months (normally for more than 3 months) and then apply for AdSense. During this time, you must work to grow your blog by building content and traffic on it.

Important: Sometimes, AdSense doesn’t approve blogs and websites when they don’t contain a privacy policy page. It has been stated in TOS of AdSense that each blog or website promoting AdSense must contain a privacy policy page. If your blog or website doesn’t have a privacy policy page, add it now. This AdSense privacy policy generator will help you in generating a privacy policy for your blog if you are facing challenges in writing a privacy policy.

Additional Guidance

Google has disclosed TOS of the program and needs the publishers to follow them, so you must read each and every line of these terms carefully. If you understand and follow these terms, then you will not only succeed in getting an approved AdSense account, it will also help you in retaining the account in long run which is a difficult task. Need any specified help? Just leave a comment below.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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133 Replies to “5 Quick AdSense Approval Tricks”

  1. Bro, a very good information, I think except for 1st one I fulfill all others, may be try for Adsense in June after PR is out and I will complete 6 months

  2. I’m also having problem for adsense approval. Ahmf, rehmat buddy, one question about site structure.
    Is it okay if I used a responsive template?
    Thanks for this tips

    1. Hey Kevz, yes responsive templates produce good results. Regarding with site structure, it is up to you that how you build navigation and footer links etc.. Good luck!! I hope AdSense will approve your blog soon..

  3. My site is And
    I applied adsense for 1st site for 17 times, sencod one for 13 times and failed…

    Pls Guide me..
    I will get 1st phase approved… 2nd Phase is only difficult.. 🙁

  4. Hi, I checked your site You have repeated a word several times which not only prevents AdSense to approve your site, but it sometimes cause AdSense to ban you.. The word is click…… Change it and apply again, I hope you will get AdSense easily. Good luck!

    1. Oh….!! ok bro.. I will change it and try it for 18th time..

      Thanks bro..
      A new point..
      No one pointed out this to me..

  5. Thanks for your reply ,but my blog get 500-600 page views ,even 900 ,without refferal traffic ,but this traffic is really very very low …

    1. Around 1000 page views are enough. If your traffic is organic (from search engines), then AdSense should approve it. Yes a recommendation, try to improve internal linking, i.e. put links from one post to other relevant posts on your blog. It helps in building a good site structure. Good luck!

    2. pls help me this was my second email received from google pls review my blog


      As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s). As a result of this review, we have disapproved your account for the following violation(s):


      – Site does not comply with Google policies

  6. is my site about photography.. Is it okay for approval any change required.

  7. Hey,

    Rehmat! see my blog!
    Its around four month since I start this blog! and have more then 100 post you can see it. But didn’t approved it! can you please guide me what should I do!

    Thank You

    1. Hey Saqib, you have a nice blog :). The length of the posts are seeming to prevent AdSense from accepting your blog in its program. Post some longer articles, apply again and see either it is approved or not. Also build a good internal linking.

  8. Nice write up here. I want to quickly say kudos to u. Pls I what u to take look at this blog belonging 2 my friends they have tried all possible best to get adsense yet failed. What do you think they can do because am concern as well.
    Once again, let me greet u 4 good job here!

    1. Hi Jerry, what I noticed at your friend’s blog are:
      – the blog doesn’t have a good navigation
      – it doesn’t contain a privacy policy page
      – it loads a lot of posts on homepage which makes it slower to load

      These might prevent AdSense to accept your blog.. Fix these and see either it works or not.. Good luck!!

  9. There has a easy way to get ad-sense via YouTube. But if any one wants to use it blog he must follow discussed tips.

  10. Hi Rehmat

    We are launching a Content Service design specifically for people with Adsense websites. We provide high quality, guaranteed unique content that gets ranked and drives traffic.

    I would love to get your feedback and will even throw some free content your way just for your thoughts 😉


  11. hi rehmet i wants to create an adsense account in pakistan but they rejected my account more than 15 times.I wants you to please create an adsense account for me which is fully approved.Enter Your Site Url in it to create it and enter my address if you create my adsense account and give me the access i will give you 12$ plz create my account if interested email me on this email [email protected], I am waitingfor your good response, Thanks

    1. Hi Moazzam,
      AdSense is very strict in its policies. If it has rejected your site, it means there is something wrong in it. You have to make your site deserving for AdSense. Post your site URL here, I’ll look over it and will help you in getting AdSense for same site.
      Secondly, if I create an account for you, it will get disabled again after you will apply the code over your site. So the permanent solution is building a good site, not getting an approved account from others.

        I apply for adsense with your this site url.If they ask me to create an ad unit plz put that ad in your site until my account is fully approved.
        first i create this web then then i buy a domain then create a new site and buy a new domain for it plz approve my account i should be really thankful to you.

  12. hey rehmat, very good tips bro here i am with a problem of not getting my adsense approval please review my site and tell me the problems which you are able to observe. i build my site on 8th june 2013 it is about evil spirits. my site:

    1. Hi Prashant, your template seems a problem for me. It displays full text of posts on homepage which isn’t recommended. Choose any other template with “Read more” option after excerpt of the post. Secondly, I am not seeing any internal links from one post to another… You may consider my these two suggestions..

  13. We are Providing Fully Approved Genuine Google Adsense Account for All Websites.
    Any Website that have got banned from google can consult us with their website.
    If you have taken Adsense account previously and have disabled.
    We are providing special Adsense accounts for Adsense disabled websites.
    For more details contact us +91-8303213884

  14. hi
    good post and very good comments.
    How long is long enough for any post. Somewhere I read about 700 words of post is good enough, but I have noticed people loose interest reading 700 words, so I want to make it shorter, could you tell me what should be the optimum length of the posts.

    1. Hi Uma,
      A recent report shows that if you write an article of 1000 words, it ranks easily in SERPs :), but as you have mentioned that lengthy posts aren’t read comfortably by the readers. I normally write posts around 500 words and I have found such posts working.

    1. Hi Moazzam Iqbal,

      I see your blog website, here is many problem to get approval in adsense account. I think google is not approved any blog download website any online earning tricks or any other tricks, so therefore at first wright quality content for your blog after that remove your previous ad-code next submit a privacy page, site map page in your website after that try adsense by a new gmail account must be your name full address. Therefore if adsense team un-approved your website, they will send an e-mail with reason why your website is not approved for adsense. Therefore read what to modify your blog website after that simply remove the things after re-try or re-submit for adsense.


  15. I have shared one video from youtube. It belongs to someone else. But I have mentioned the link and the name of the original owner. Is that ok for my blog.

    1. Hi Manshu, as you have attributed the author, so it is okay to use the video. Regarding with the insufficient content issue, increase the amount of text in your posts. A few articles with 500+ words each will surely get you AdSense..

  16. Review my blog and share your views. I have been rejected twice now saying insufficient content.

  17. Hi rehmat I have one more doubt. My blog is about gaming reviews and smartphone news and reviews and I gets info from Google and present it in my own words. I know it’s not new or rich content article. Do u think google will reject my application. Please review my blog. even my Google index rate have been increased

  18. Hi Rehmat,
    Good post… and good information. thank you.

    one request … I have tried adsense but its not approving. can you check my blog please ? I have top level domain. I’m sorry i’m not giving you my url directly… please my request its please open and check my blog. and tellme why i’m not getting approved and please give me some suggestion. indirect url of my blog :

    thank you. Once again i’m requesting you please open the link and check my blog. thank you once again advanced.

    1. Hi Anirudh,
      I can’t read the writing as the script is unknown for me :(, regarding with overall site structure, I couldn’t find any Privacy Policy page and the content is also seeming enough to me.. Try adding some more content, add a privacy policy page and then apply for AdSense.

  19. Hi Rehmat,

    Very good and useful information. And as by your site name supportivehands, you are doing a good helping hand. Well done.

    Actually my site too is not getting Adsense approval, stating ‘Insufficient content’..

    Please review my site and let me know in what way am doing wrong.
    Any suggestions to improve…always welcome.

    1. Hi Ambiga,
      You have a nice blog… But the biggest issue is, I couldn’t find any navigation there. Add a navigation menu and also build internal links. i.e. hyperlink keywords in posts which contain already published related posts on your own blog. Also add a privacy policy of your own.. I don’t know either such customizations is allowed by HubPages or not as I haven’t used it. A Privacy Policy link is there but that is generalized for all HubPage users.

  20. Assalam-o-Alaikum Rehmat Bro!
    I am impressed by ur work! :)Gooooooooooood Work
    I need help which things i need to add in a website like widgets and how to add meta tags etc. And especially Build my Rank!

  21. hi rehmat bro i have a blog and it has about 160 posts and around 700 page view in only 4 or 5 days my site is 1 or 2 months old when i create it i have not intrested in it but around 5 or 6 days i intrested in it i apply for adsense but not approve lease help me and reply

    1. Hi Hassan,
      Can you mention the reason which AdSense provides you for declaring your blog ineligible for its program? After that, I will be able to guide you better..

    1. Hi Pranjal,
      Content quantity and site structure seem to be a problem. Add a little more content and build a good internal linking. It should work.

  22. Hi, thank you for you suggestions. can you do one more help please.. can you please suggest me anyone good template for my blog please waiting for your positive responce

    thank you advance

      1. Hi Rehmat jee,
        I’m waiting for your reply. please help me. can you tell me good structured blog template. I have searched lot but I don’t know which one is right, I’m only small author i dont know any “tech” knowledge. I hope you will help me thankyou in advanced

  23. Thank you for your reply.
    yeah ok magazine template is ok. thank you. i wrote my email id in email field box.

    thank you i am waiting for you reply. here or also in email. thankyou

  24. Hello rehmat sir i am hassan adsense was diapproved me for these reasons
    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    Insufficient content

    Further detail:

    Insufficient content: To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are about

    1. Hi Hassan,
      You need to improve your site structure and make it easy-to-be-crawled for AdSense bots. Once the site structure will improve, crawlers will crawl through your entire blog and will grab maximum information. BTW what is the number of posts on your blog right now? If post number or word count in posts is too low, it may also be the reason… But in most cases, AdSense fails to grab content due to poor structure of website/blog and rejects the site by saying “insufficient content” even if you have enough posts/pages there.

  25. hello rehmat bro i have 190 posts on my blog and how i can improve my site structure please help me.

  26. hi Rehmat,
    this seems a very good post for Adsense seekers.
    However just a request if you could take a look at my website.

    I get the first approval instantly but i have submitted it for second approval almost more than 10 time but every time the same reason and it gets disapproved.

    Site does not comply….

    How ever the traffic is relatively low now since i have just started this couple of months ago but i have the domain created 6 months ago.

    Appreciate if you could suggest something.

    1. Hi Rahul,
      I checked your site. I would recommend you to build a good navigation menu and improve internal linking. Before submitting your site for approval next time, remove the ads for a while till AdSense approves your site and see if it works.

  27. easy way to join adsense is by youtube, and you will get your adsense hosted account. if you want to place ads in your own site, it is simple, join with dfp. no need for upgrade to get ads appear in your own sites. and you will get more benefit from it. visit here to see detail tricks.

    1. Hey Arif, how many posts are there on your blog? I checked your most recent post and it contains just around 300 words. In beginning, you need to write lengthier posts. In addition, make the navigation menu more effective by adding some more labels. Also build internal linking. With current structure, your blog isn’t providing enough (text) content for Google bots so they are rejecting you for the reason of “insufficient content”.
      So my suggestions are, write lengthier posts, interlink all posts wherever related keywords are repeated and build a good navigation. I’m not seeing any privacy policy page there too which violates AdSense TOS.
      Try to fix these issues. AdSense will accept your blog hopefully.

  28. Thnks for ur reply…

    Any suggestions on my pages (STUDIO and FASHION). That contains only images (our own creations).any suggestions…???

      1. Write some more LENGTHY posts. Take the number up to 30 and then apply again. Hopefully you will get AdSense.

    1. Hey Arif, write alt tags, description and captions for your images. These attributes will help Google collect maximum information about your images. Also use keywords in naming the files.

  29. Bro , am n indian my site was just 32 days old. i apply adsense for content twice…

    bt get disapproved mail in 2 days 🙁
    this is the 3rd time apply for adsense

    till nooo response ….

    i think this any Website Age issue??

    help me

    1. What’s the age of your site now? If it is brand new, I don’t think that you are receiving good traffic there. First spend a little more time in building content and traffic there, then AdSense will approve your site.

  30. please go to google forum- open with any gmail id and paste your tropic and get answer.

  31. Today i get the reply from adsense team

    >Site does not comply with Google policies


    What i do. . . . . . .

  32. Recently I have got Adsense approval. Live ads are started in my site.
    but I have small doubt can you please tell me.

    I have another 1 website. but that is telugu website. can I add this ads in that website ?

    once check adsense email
    Congratulations, your AdSense account has been approved to show AdSense ads on your own website. Within a few hours, you will begin to see live ads.

    For a detailed walkthrough of everything you need to know as a new AdSense for content publisher, visit the AdSense Academy under

    Even after approval, we continuously review all accounts for compliance with our policies. If any violations are detected, your account may be disapproved or ad serving to your pages may be stopped. If at any time you are not seeing ads appear, we recommend that you log into your AdSense account and examine any messages that may appear.


    * Once ads begin to appear, please don’t click on your ads, even to test them — doing so isn’t permitted by the AdSense program policies (

    * You can add the AdSense code to a new page or site that complies with our program policies at any time. There’s no need to inform us or apply for a new account when you do – once you have been fully approved, you may place the code on as many pages that you own as you wish. Please make sure our crawler can access any webpage you place ad code on – see for details.

    Have more questions? You can find answers in our Help Center at, or the AdSense blog at In addition, you can post your questions to the AdSense Help Forum at


    The Google AdSense Team
    ===== i got adsense aproval on this website. and i’m thinking to put ads also in this my website. but in that adsense mail they are telling in important points. ” you can put ads in your other website after only fully approved.”

    I didnt understanded it. what is it means ? it means my adsense account is not approved fully?

    if not how much time will time take for it .. can you tell me ?

    or it was already fully approved can I add ads in that 2nd my website . ? pelase tellme.

    sorry for my english.

    1. Hi Anirudh,
      Congratulations for getting AdSense 🙂
      But is against the TOS of AdSense to serve ads on the sites where the language isn’t supported by AdSense. Don’t take the risk. Secondly, AdSense has approved your current site, not the Telugu one, so I would suggest you not to use the ads on that site to ensure that you retain AdSense in long run.

    1. Hello Hassan,
      I looked over you blog. You are maintaining it well. What about the traffic? Secondly, I have a suggestion for you. Don’t put a single link again and again. Linking it once on a post is enough. In first post, I noticed that you have hyperlinked a keyword (computer) six times. Remove 5 out of these and keep just a single link.
      Moreover, I didn’t noticed any common violation there, just build traffic and you should be able to get AdSense.

      1. I have 5000 pageviews all time and Now I am running chitika ads for 3 days and I have earned 0.22 dollars and 11 clicks.

          1. Learn and practice SEO, find highly searched keywords under your blog’s niche and then write quality content for that keywords. These are most basic and must-to-follow tips for bringing more visitors.

    1. Bro your site is too young. I asked you about traffic earlier, how many pageviews does your blog receive per day? What is the percentage of traffic from Google search? My tip is, work a month or two on your blog to build both content and traffic, then apply for AdSense. At the end, AdSense needs the traffic for earning you money 🙂 Once traffic is built there on your blog, you will be able to get AdSense easily.

  33. Bro the number is too low 🙁 AdSense looks for traffic and its quality, so dedicate your efforts and work for a at least two months on your blog. Till that time, don’t think about AdSense. Just build quality content on your blog and build traffic. After a good traffic is established, AdSense will get approved easily.

    1. These meta tags aren’t important bro, you don’t need to add an author meta tag, just the link of your Google+ profile is enough to enable author image in Google search. Secondly, the updated meta tag needs to be added to each and every post. These tags aren’t important, still if you need to fix these, add the tags as instructed below:

      1. For author:
      Edit your template and add below tag before

      2. For last updated, switch to HTML mode in your post editor and paste below meta tag by putting current date in specified positions.

  34. a doubt,

    after adsense approval
    ad clicks from facebook source cause any problems on making money? actually facebook views is good for earning more money??

    i have 200 facebook pageviews daily 🙂
    bt from google just 20 – 30 🙁

    1. Hello Arif,
      FB traffic isn’t good. You will never find any serious customers at Facebook. The traffic is unsafe for AdSense 🙁 Work on SEO and try to drive traffic from Google search too. Along with organic traffic, FB visits will bring you get results.

    1. Hi Arif, it will take some time before the problem will seem as fixed in WMT. Wait till Google crawls your site next time or fetch any URL from Google Webmaster Tool and see if the problem has solved.

  35. Hey I was hoping if you could find out any flaws in my blog for which adsense approval is not being granted to me by google. my site is which is more than 1 year old now.


    – Site does not comply with Google policies

    1. Hey Ashint,
      You have a great site. What about the number of daily visitors there? What is the ratio of traffic from search engines, particularly from Google search? The only thing, which I noticed there, is the absence of a privacy policy page. Add one right now. AdSense should approve it if traffic is decent.

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