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Live2Support Review, A Live Chat Software for Blogs and Websites

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Live chat support helps online businesses greatly in growing their sales. If you are running a website or a blog and provide different services for your clients, then a good live chat solution is your basic need to deal your customers in no time. Live chat solutions make customers happy as they find answer to their questions instantly. Thus a website having a good live chat support surely gets high sales as compared to another one which doesn’t provide any live chat support to its customers. Live2Support is one of the best online live chat software which enables you to grow your business effectively. In this review, we will look over some handy features of Live2Support chat solution.
live2support review
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Observe Your Website Traffic Lively
Live2Support chat solution enables you to monitor your website traffic lively. You can keep an eye on your visitors’ activities. You can monitor on what page a particular visitors is, from where he/she has come and so on.
Easy and Quick Navigation
You can navigate between different sections of your Live2Support dashboard smoothly and quickly. It allows you to perform different tasks easily. 

Send Special Offers in form of Popups

This is yet another brilliant feature of Live2Support which enables you to send a popup message containing special offers to selected visitors. Additionally, you can change the page for a particular visitor 

Invite Visitors for Live Chat

You can monitor and invite your visitors to initiate a chat with you. This feature can convert your visitors into customers, thus your sales will increase. 

Broad Visitor Information

Live2Support provides you with extensive details about your visitors including geo location, device of the visitor, OS, IP address, visitors’ path and much more.
One to One Chat with Visitors
Visitors can initiate one to one chats with support operators. Additionally, one support operator can accept multiple chat requests and can handle more than one visitors at once. 

Your Visitors Don’t Need to Signup or Register

Live2Support doesn’t insist your visitors to signup or register for initiating chats. Visitors can start chats instantly. It increase the number of chats and in turn your customers grow in number.
Leave Message Form
When you and your support operators are offline, your visitors can leave their messages using the “Leave Message Form” of Live2Support chat script. This ensures that you don’t miss even a small chance of converting your visitors into customers.

Apart from these, Live2Support is loaded with many other features also. You can get details about all features of this live chat software at

Live2Support’s services aren’t too much expensive like others and you can afford to avail its services easily. It doesn’t matter how limited your budget plan is, you can choose the best suited package for your business from many. The most basic plan starts at $9.99 per month. You can get details about the pricing at 

Interested in getting this brilliant live chat solution for your business? You can signup here. Don’t worry, if you aren’t sure that either the software will fulfill your demands or not. You can get Live2Support fifteen day free trial.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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