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Wake up! Google’s Second (2nd) PR Update of 2013 is Near

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It is just a wake up call for webmasters including bloggers and website owners that Google’s 2nd PR update of 2013 is coming near and nearer. The first PR update was released on February 4, 2013. Google releases the toolbar update 4 times a year and these four occasions are the most crucial moments for all webmasters.
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Although Google keeps updating the PR for all websites and blogs regularly and this change takes place on daily basis, but the public update or toolbar update is something for what all webmasters get anxious. Now the next (2nd) PR update of 2013 is being expected to happen between June 27 and July 7, so it is time to wake up and work a little more to make your stats pretty. A good PR in next update can take your blog or website to heights of success. 
A good PR in next update can bring you several benefits. i.e it will bring more advertisers and your earnings will grow considerably, you will be able to find quality guest writers and much more. Below, I am going to share some tips which might contribute your efforts in getting a solid PR in next PR update.
Do Some Guest Posting on Niche Related Blogs
It doesn’t matter either you are running a blog or website, find some blogs accepting guest posts under your niche and then write a few posts there. A single highly relevant backlink from an authority blog can boost your PR considerably. It isn’t too late. Start it today. 

Invest a Little to Hire an SEO Expert

If you don’t know well about SEO, then it isn’t a bad idea to hire someone to do SEO for you. There are several SEO agencies who offer quality services. Before selecting any service, ensure that it has a good reputation and will succeed you in long run. Beware of fake agencies which rank you temporarily. 

Blog Commenting is Still Alive

Blog commenting is still alive. Find some dofollow blogs and leave comments there. This will help you in getting backlinks. Consider the quality and relevancy of blogs while commenting, otherwise this may waste your precious time. Find blogs with IntenseDebate as CommentLuv blogs don’t keep it in long run. Utilize upcoming few days properly to get maximum out of them.

These three practices are most productive, so I shared. There are several other methods of building backlinks through which you can get backlinks to boost your blog or website’s PR.

My blog’s PR is 4 at the moment and I expect further boost in next. So what is your blog or website’s current PR? What you are expecting in next update and what strategies you have adapted to boost it? Don’t forget to share.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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3 Replies to “Wake up! Google’s Second (2nd) PR Update of 2013…”

  1. I have 63 backlinks on Alexa and 0 on Google? How do I fix this? Do they all have to be dofollow?


    1. Hi Brandy, don’t get worried about the link stats. Indeed there is no any accurate tool or service available which could tell us about the accurate backlink numbers. Regarding with the links, dofollow links pass authority from the page of origin and your ranking boosts, while nofollow links don’t boost ranking. They only refer you visitors. But you should build both dofollow and nofollow links to make your link profile natural.

  2. Hi dear Rehmat Alam I want to get organic traffic. I applied all SEO Rules For my new Website but still frustrate what to do ?
    and i hope in next Google update my blog page rank will be good not sure..

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