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Money Blogging – Top Ways to Make Decent Money from Blogging

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You might have heard that several bloggers are out there who earn a decent amount of money from comfort of their homes. If you are new to the concept of money blogging and want to learn how to make a good sum from your blogging efforts, then keep reading on. We will discuss some ways through which a living can be earned easily. Let’s discuss how blogs help bloggers in building their online career.
Blogs Help Bloggers in Building an Online Recognition and Trust
Freelancing is one of the biggest online earning ways but the difficulty with freelance work is that; it is extremely difficult to win the trust of project owners. Odesk, Elance and Freelance are among top platforms where freelance work can be found, but when you will apply for jobs at these services, the reality will soon hit you that it is not easy to get freelance jobs. The project owners, who post jobs on these services, are reluctant to hire new members and thus you will need to spend a lot of time and effort on these services to build a good reputation before you start getting jobs.

You may ask why I discussed about freelance work and freelancing websites. I did it because I want to tell you that it is easy to setup your own blog than building a good reputation on freelancing platforms. Once you build your own blog, it creates your online presence and people start recognizing you. Meantime, the trust of online community is also developed over you. Now you don’t need to visit freelancing websites. The clients will automatically come to you and you will get unlimited jobs of your interest without any difficulty.

Affiliate Promotion, the Second Earning Option

Google’s AdSense is the most easy and productive way to generate money from your blog. Apart from AdSense, there are several AdSense alternatives which can provide you with earning opportunities. Once you build a good blog and succeed in establishing a decent traffic on it, then you can display affiliate ads from different networks to monetize your online content.

Affiliate programs aren’t the single way to monetize your blog, direct advertisers are also there. When any company or individual finds that your blog is suitable for their product promotion, then they pay you according to your blog’s traffic and reputation. In such a situation, you can earn very attractive sums if your blog has good and quality traffic.

Other Methods of Earning from Your Blog

In addition to the above discussed ways, there are several other methods through which you can monetize your blog. These ways include the selling products, promotion of services, writing reviews and so on.

Once you succeed in winning the trust of online community, then you can sell different products and services on your blog. For example you can sell web hosting services and for that, you will earn good commissions. BlueHost and Hostgator’s affiliate program pays a very attractive amount for each signup which you bring to them. In addition to these hosting services, several other opportunities of selling products are out there from which you can select the best suited service to promote according to your audience’s interest.

Sometimes, different companies pay you for reviewing their services and products; thus you can post paid articles. While practicing this, ensure that you are stating facts and figures and aren’t misguiding your audience.

You can be a Millionaire!

Yes, you can earn very high if you do the blogging passionately. First grow your blog well by building traffic and then the ways will start opening for you. Good luck!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Great stuff! Blogging is not rocket science to begin with. If you put your mind to it and focus on your blog, you’ll surely reap the rewards later on.

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