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Investing Money in Blogging – What to Care About

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Blogging is a business and you need to invest in it. Although you can go with the free service of Blogger to start your blogging journey but still it isn’t safe until you invest a little to register your own domain. Now the question is, where to spend and where not to spend money in blogging.

Where to Spend Money in Blogging

There are several important sections in your blog and blogging journey where you need to invest some money to develop them well. Below are some important fields which may need investment from your side.

Designing / Decoration of Your Blog

When someone visits your blog, the design and layout is the first thing which impresses the visitor either negatively or positively. You may be a very good writer but if you don’t have a good designing skill, then it is better to invest a little money to ask any blog designer to design and decorate your blog. A small initial investment will give your blog a unique and beautiful design.

Several beautiful templates and themes are also available for all CMSs and they cost a few dollars only. So investing a few dollars for purchasing a theme or template will turn your blog’s dull design into an attractive one and this is the first section where you should invest if your budget allows you to do so.

SEO Section

Search engine optimization is the second important field where you may need to invest a little. I am not asking you to pay others for doing SEO for your blog, but you should get SEO trainings from experts. SEO can be learned from forums and other sources but when you pay any SEO expert and attend an online or by face meeting with him/her, it benefits more and you learn the important things quickly. The SEO experts can advice you how to rank your blog and it will produce brilliant results.

Blog Writing

Sometimes, a single well written article imparts greatly in growth of your blog. Several talented freelance writers are out there who can write well structured articles for your blog. If you don’t have enough time, then you can invest a little money to find a good writer who will help you in keeping your blog updated.


I am discussing it lately because you may be already doing it if your blog is online. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to invest money in this section. My blog is running on Blogger at the time of this publish and I don’t pay for it. But if your blog is on self hosted WordPress or any other CMS, then you should invest wisely.

Hosting services greatly affect the performance of your blog, so investment in this section is most crucial than all others. While choosing host for your blog, ensure that the host is doing well and it has a good reputation. While finding hosting, you will come across several hosts where low prices may attract you towards them, but never consider price. Instead look for the performance of the host. It is better to pay more for a good host than paying low for a crappy one where your blog may never flourish.


This is something what I haven’t done yet but you may love to do it for your blog. In initial stage of your blog, you may want to introduce it among target audience and this will require investment. Google Adwords is the most widely used service for such promotions.

These were five important sections where you may invest a little money for producing better results. Now let’s discuss where you must not invest money as investment in these fields will go in vain in long run.

Where Not to Invest Money in Blogging

Never Pay for Links

This is the most practiced section where bloggers pay others for getting backlinks. While investing in this section, always remember that buying backlinks isn’t unethical only but a temporary backlink isn’t going to produce any long term results also. No one is stupid enough to give you a permanent quality backlink for a few dollars, so never pay for such attempts. Instead try to earn backlinks by writing quality content.

Never Pay Others to Do SEO for Your Blog

As I have discussed in first section that it is good to pay an SEO expert to get training but never pay others to do SEO for your blog. When you pay anyone to do SEO, then it is not guaranteed that he/she will do ethical SEO. Unethical SEO attempts will produce temporary results but search engines may bury your blog later if they detect any unethical practice. So be cautious while attempting this.


I have discussed it earlier that promotion may be good for your blog in its initial age but while promoting your content, ensure that you are investing to promote it among the target audience. For example when you are going to spend money in promoting your blog on Facebook, then this may not produce even minor results. I believe that Facebook traffic doesn’t worth. But when you invest in promoting your blog on Google Adwords, it is confirmed that your link will be promoted on relevant blogs and websites and the traffic which your blog will receive will be targeted.

Additionally, several email marketing services are out there which will try to convince you that they can promote your content through emails, but never pay for such services. Think about yourself, how many promotional emails do you read from your inbox? May be none or rarely. Similarly, when someone gets an unknown promotional email, he / she marks it as spam and your investment isn’t read even.

These were three famous sections where bloggers tend to invest, but I hope that you will spend money on blogging wisely after reading this article. If you have any other queries, don’t forget to ask by commenting on this post. Thank you.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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