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6 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Blog

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There are certain mistakes that can ruin your blog’s growth and stop earnings from it. If you want to create a blog from which you earn a large amount, then you will have to follow below listed steps, so as to increase your blogs growth and increase the rank of blog to a level that you are dreaming of.
I have seen many bloggers leaving their blogs after few months, thinking that they cannot earn through it, so on the basis of such observations, I have listed 6 common mistakes which really prevent your blog from growing.

1. Thinking of just earning from Blog

I have seen many bloggers just leaving their blog in few months, disappointed of the fact that they cannot earn from it in a small time.

So, my first point is that never think of just money when you start your blog. First think of building up its presence on the Internet, increasing traffic to it, build up relations with other bloggers.

If you will do all these things first and then think of earning, it would be really very easy to earn from your blog. If once your traffic reaches a required mark then you will start earning a good amount in just small time.

Otherwise, neglecting this step may lead to ruin your blog completely.

2. Non- Regularity in Work

Regularity in work is key to success. You must post at least one post in two days. Google really likes the blogs that are regular, and if you don’t follow this point then forget of creating a successful blog.

Hard work always pays” you must have heard this. BUT I DO NOT THINK SO. You may be thinking why I said so. The reason is that don’t take blogging as work or burden, otherwise you will unable to do it in a better way. Always consider it as fun. If you take it as a fun, then you will enjoy blogging and results you get will be sparkling.

So, enjoy blogging on your blog!! 😉

3. No-Attention Towards SEO

There must be a large dedication towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by a blogger as, SEO helps in improving the rank of a blog.

So, work as much as you can on SEO. Read more and more SEO tips.

If you are not taking SEO seriously then this is your biggest mistake that can ruin your blog.

4. Not Working On Social Network

Social networking is the best way in today’s world to increase the traffic to your blog. It may be using Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+ and much more.

Spend some time on social networking and increase the publicity of your blog. This will surely help in increasing your blog ranking, Internet presence and thus make your blog earning friendly. If you are not working on this point, then I must say that this mistake may be yet another reason to destroy  your blog.

5. Not Increasing Interactions

Many people don’t interact with other bloggers and don’t work on increasing their links, if you are one of them, then sorry my friend you are making a mistake.

Comment on high ranking blogs. Increase links with co-bloggers, share views with other bloggers. Interaction with good bloggers help in many ways, it helps in increasing your online reputation, increasing your page rank, increasing traffic and much more. This will also help you in increasing comments on your blog that plays role in increasing its ranking.

6. Dull Posts/ Outdated Topics

Always post SEO rich and interactive posts on your blog. As quality content is the thing that all visitors wish to watch on a blog.

Maintain good looks of your blog. Don’t use outdated topics on your blog post. And always write your blog post in interesting style.

These things if not kept in mind then forget of a blog that you have dreamed of.

If all above points are kept in mind, then the day will not be far when your blog will be of high ranking and you would be earning a huge amount from it.

Hope You liked the post!! Do you have more points?? Then please comment 😉

Author Bio– I am Vishal Sharma, a blogging and SEO expert with an experience in this field from last two years. I am an engineering student from India who is passionate about blogging. I am a part time blogger and write SEO rich articles for my own website and other websites.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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