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8 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog and Lift Up Ranking

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Bounce rate is the ratio of visitors on a blog who leave it from the landing page. i.e. when 10 visitors land on your posts and leave your blog without viewing any other post or page, then blog’s bounce rate is 100% for that particular time. If 5 of them leave after viewing more pages or posts then the bounce rate is 50%. It is a strong signal for search engines that how much the blog is beneficial for others. When visitors stay long on your blog and browse multiple pages in each visit, then its ranking boosts. Alternatively, if visitors don’t stay long and leave from the entrance, then you can’t expect good ranking for your content in SERPs.
Bounce rate is very crucial in ranking of your blog. Where you spend a lot of time and put hard work to earn visitors, a poorly designed blog may unable to retain this hard earned traffic, and as a result, you will loss both your visitors and ranking. Today we will learn some strategies, which will help in reducing bounce rate to get higher rankings for your content in SERPs.
Bounce Rate and Google
Google is the biggest source which sends your blog massive free traffic if it deserves. To make Google loving your blog, firstly you must optimize it well for search engines. A good SEO will make your blog appear in SERPs. Now when a visitor enters your blog from search results and presses the “Back” button due to its poor content or any other reason, then the blog sucks. A single “Back” press may drop your blog several steps down in SERPs. A visitor will press the back button only when he/she finds nothing interesting in your posts. So to avoid this to happen, you must take some effective actions which I have discussed below.


How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog

Don’t Put Unnecessary Popups on Blog: This is one of the biggest reasons of increased bounce rate for blogs which irritates visitors a lot. When you use unnecessary popups, which appear again and again, then it insists visitors to leave the blog. Use onetime popups where necessary.

Don’t Bury Content Between Ads: I know you are blogging for money but it doesn’t mean that you should put a lot of ads to the blog. I notice some blogs where posts are almost buried between promotional content. This also irritates visitors. So put ads wisely to earn both money and traffic.

Write Useful and Interesting Content: The biggest cause of increased bounce rate is the garbage content. The situation gets worst when the poor content is written in a boring style. If it happens, your blog’s bounce rate may stay around 100%. Visitors love your blog only when information is provided on it in a clean, brief and in an interesting style.

Design / Layout of the Blog Matters: Design of your blog also matters either your visitors feel comfort with it or not. While designing your blog, make it sure that it has a clean text background on which text is easy to read. You must care about font size, font style and font color also. A simple and clean layout of your blog sounds sweet to your visitors’ eyes and they love to read your content. Alternatively, irritating color combinations send your visitors away from your blog.

Keep Your Content in an Easy-to-access Pattern: Visitors will browse through the blog only when they find it easy to navigate through. So build a good navigation. Additionally, put widgets on your blog to show recent posts and popular posts. This will help in reducing bounce rate considerably.

Display Related Suggestions Below Posts: This helps a lot. When you use a widget, plugin or code to show posts relevant to the being viewed post, most viewers surely browse and read other posts also. So you must show related suggestions below posts and provide reasons for your visitors to browse more and stay long with you.

Facebook Also Helps in Suggesting Related Content: Every blogger surely has a Facebook fan page and shares content there. You can use Facebook suggestions also which will recommend your content to visitors. When you add “You Might Also Like Posts Suggestions Widget” to your blog, a box slides up with related suggestions after specified time, so your visitors read other posts also when they find the suggestion cool.

Add a Notification Bar: Notification bars really help in retaining visitors. Wibiya bar is a great option which will help you in keeping your visitors engaged.

These eight actions will surely add value to your blog. Don’t forget to give them a try and see how it improves your blog’s ranking in SERPs.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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