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How to Make IntenseDebate Comment Links Nofollow

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Are you afread that IntenseDebate will steal your PageRank? If yes, then your worries will come to an end now. If you love IntenseDebate but don’t want to attribute dofollow links in comments, then a single piece of code will solve your issue and you will be able to attribute nofollow to all comment links. But lets discuss first, why you need to make IntenseDebate nofollow.
Dofollow Links Steal Your Rank
You must know and consider that dofollow links steal your blog or website’s ranking. The situation gets even more worse when spammers put links to crap sites via comments. So you must attribute nofollow to the links which lead to spam sources. It doesn’t mean that you must always attribute nofollow to all links including in your posts and other sections. When you put links to reputable and relevant sources, it helps in boosting your own website or blog’s ranking but always ensure that you are not giving dofollow links to any spam or crap source.
Turn Commenting on Your Blogger Blog Similar to WordPress
WordPress is good in providing a better conversation platform for visitors but when you use Blogger as your blogging platform, then you mostly go for a third party commenting system. Disqus and IntenseDebate are the top choices of bloggers. In my article Disqus vs IntenseDebate, I have mentioned that IntenseDebate is better than Disqus but one weakness of IntenseDebate was that it was attributing dofollow to the links in comments. But that was past. Now you can make IntenseDebate nofollow very easily and also can hide the IntenseDebate and WordPress login buttons. This will give a clean look to your comment section as you see on this blog. Your Blogger blog’s commenting section is now going to transform like that of WordPress at last for which many bloggers dream for.
How to Make IntenseDebate Nofollow?
You need to add a single line of script to your blog or website. Once you will add this script, all links in comments will be given the nofollow attribute. It attribute nofollow to all links including the old ones, so it ensures that you are going to eliminate all the risks which were previously stealing your ranking. The script, which I’ve customized for IntenseDebate was basically generated by Thaya Kareeson. To add this script to your blog, follow below steps:
For Blogger:
Sign in to Blogger, select your blog and go to its template section. Then edit its HTML. Press Ctrl+F and find . Now paste below script just above and save your template. You are all done!!

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