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Quickly Improve Alexa Traffic Ranking of Your Blog / Website

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Alexa is an Amazon company and provides traffic rank information for websites and blogs. Although Alexa stats aren’t necessary much like PR or Domain Authority, still bloggers and website owners always try to improve the rank of their blogs and websites on Alexa. If your blog receives good traffic but the Alexa stats are not satisfying you, then you are surely doing something wrong. In this article, we will learn some handy tips which will help you in improving the Alexa ranking of your website or blog easily, but first we will look over the importance of these ranking stats that why they are important.
Your Blog or Website is Your Business
If you are running a website or a blog, then you are surely spending your time for generating an income from there, so your online content is your business. Businesses can achieve success only when they get popular among the people. Among the online community, Alexa Rank, PR and Domain Authority are three most important metrics which strongly influence the behavior of visitors. Although Alexa rank doesn’t have any direct impact on SE ranking of your blog or website but the most important role of these stats is in attracting the advertisers. Yes advertisers are attracted towards your blog or website only if more visitors visit them and Alexa rank tells about the traffic. Better Alexa rank of your website or blog means that more advertisers will be attracted towards it and if you are willing to sell your website, then this rank strongly influences the price. 

So What to Do for Improving Alexa Rank

Alexa counts the visitors only who use the Alexa Toolbar. If any visitor visits your blog but he / she doesn’t have installed the Alexa Toolbar on their browser, then they are most likely to be ignored by Alexa. There are many other practices also which will help you in boosting the Alexa rank but the most important, effective and first thing, which you must do, is that download and install the Alexa Toolbar on your browser. Once you will install the Toolbar, it will dramatically improve the ranking in shorter time. Other important practices, which you must do for improving this rank are discussed below. 

Verify Your Blog or Website

Sign-up at, add your website or blog and then verify it by adding the meta tag provided by Alexa to the homepage (after in HTML source) of your blog or website. There are other methods of verification also but the meta tag verification helps improving your blog’s ranking dramatically. Never delete the meta tag even after verification completes and keep it there. This will greatly help your website and blog in achieving a higher Alexa Rank. 

Write Reviews About Your Blog and Website on Alexa

It also matters. The more reviews are written for your website and blog, the better the ranking is. So write a good review for your blog and ask your visitors to write reviews. You can also exchange reviews with other bloggers and website owners to increase the number of reviews. I have to do this for my blog. I have a little reviews and my blog’s ranking is also not good despite of the high traffic. If you are enjoying this article, then please don’t forget to write a review for my blog at
Add Alexa Badge to Your Blog
A badge added to the blog or website also helps in improving the ranking. Alexa has a variety of badges for your blog, so choose one and see the improvement in ranking stats considerably.
Ask Your Visitors to Install Alexa Toolbar
As we discussed earlier that the toolbar provided by Alexa influences the ranking of websites and blogs greatly, so if your visitors have the toolbar installed, then it will boost the ranking of your blog and website. You can ask your regular visitors to install the toolbar to improve the ranking stats. You might have noticed that if a blog is under blogging niche, SEO or web designing, then its Alexa rank is surely good. The reason behind this is that most visitors to these kind of websites and blogs are webmasters who surely have the toolbar installed. So don’t ignore this sector also if you want to see your website and blog at a good ranking position.
Don’t Ignore the Traffic
The more visitors your blog will receive, the number of visitors with Alexa Toolbar installed will also increase. So you must work for building traffic also. Alexa is not accurate but it doesn’t mean that it is false totally. Build traffic and get better ranking stats.

These were most important practices for improving the Alexa ranking stats. I hope that you will find them helpful as I did. But please don’t forget to write a review for my blog at as I also need improvement in ranking :). Thank you!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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