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Free Download of Premium WordPress Themes is Deadly

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“Free Download of Premium WordPress Themes and Blogger Templates” is one of the most searched keywords which is searched by a huge number of bloggers each day on search engines. Most bloggers are said to be poor or reluctant in spending money in their initial blogging age, so they don’t want to invest money for purchasing themes and templates for their blogs. But these Free Themes and Templates are proved to be the most expensive when they contain malicious scripts.
You are well aware about the hackers and hacking attempts. Hackers always keep trying to gain the access of blogs and websites. For hacking purposes, most hackers use the malicious and devil scripts. These scripts automate the hacking of blogs by sending the sensitive details including username and passwords of the targeted blog to the hacker, and the themes and templates are mostly injected by these malicious scripts.

What Happens When You Download and Install a Premium Theme for Free

Hackers add the devil scripts and codes to the premium themes and then put them on the web for free. Bloggers are always crazy for premium themes when they are available as a free download. When they find a good looking premium theme as free download then they download it instantly and install it over their blog. Once the theme is installed, the blog is opened for the concerned hacker and it can be hacked very easily. In such a way, the free downloaded theme or template proves to be the most expensive for the concerned blogger.

Are All Free Available Premium Themes Malicious?

Not always all premium themes are malicious which are available as free download, but it is extremely difficult to find out which theme is malicious and which one is clean. Although there are some security WordPress plugins available to check the authenticity of themes but still they are restricted to detect common URLs only. TAC is one of the most widely used WordPress plugin which is used to check the themes for hidden links. If the links and code is encrypted and placed in the theme, then the plugins will fail to detect. Even if you are an expert and want to check the theme manually for malicious scripts, still it is extremely difficult and even impossible to do it as the themes contain a huge number of files with tons of codes. 

Using Premium Themes Without Paying for Them is Unethical Also

Think about your hard work on blogging. You put your efforts to maintain your blog well. You must understand the fact that themes require an extremely huge effort to be developed. Their developers put a great work for developing these themes. If you use these themes without paying their authors then this is an illegal and unethical practice also along with the hacking risk. A small sum can’t make you poor which you will pay for the theme, but it will surely help and encourage the author and your blog will stay safe also. 
So what is wise to do?
To ensure that your blog is safe against hackers, always download themes and templates from the reputed and authentic sources only. It is better to invest a little money to buy a premium them rather than downloading a premium but malicious one for free. Always take this advice seriously to keep the hungry and lurking hackers away from your blog. Stay safe and sound. Good luck!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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