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How to Drive More Traffic / Visitors to Your Blog Fast

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Your blog can be declared successful only if it receives a large number of visitors. Driving traffic to your blog is somehow a difficult task which needs some special and hard efforts from your side. If you blog wisely, then it is easy to build a decent traffic, otherwise you may fail to drive readers for your content if you haven’t defined good strategies. In this post, we will discuss some handy practices which are extremely crucial in driving a large number of visitors in a shorter time.
Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Do a Good SEO

Search engines are the biggest source of free massive traffic. They send you enormous visitors each day if your blog deserves it. If you are a beginner blogger, than you must learn basics of SEO and keep learning the advance. By doing a good SEO, you can increase the traffic immensely.

Blog on Trending Topics

It is the best practice to drive the traffic to your blog rapidly. Think twice before posting something on your blog. Do a research about the topic that either people are searching about it or not. Alexa Toolbar helps in finding trending topics. You can get some ideas from social networks also where people gather in large numbers and discuss their interests.

Expand Your Social Circle

If you are good in building social relations, then you can build a decent traffic also. To expand your social circle, follow other fellow bloggers, visit their blogs and interact with them. They will surely do the same in return. Pay special attention to your visitors also and respond them quickly if they ask any question or need any other sort of help. This will make them feel that you are caring and friendly and they use to visit you again.
Social Bookmarking Also Helps in Driving Visitors
Build a Facebook page for your blog and create profiles on other social networks also. Share your content regularly on these sites. At the same time, don’t forget to increase the number of fans on your social profiles also. For increasing Facebook Likes, you can use any plugin to invite your visitors to like the page.
Guest Blogging Really Helps
Are you doing guest blogging? If you aren’t writing guest posts to promote your content then you are really missing something crucial in your blogging strategies. When you write a guest post for other reputed blogs it gives you some quality backlinks which boost the ranking of your blog in SERPs and the organic traffic is boosted dramatically. Additionally, blogging community starts recognizing you and your social circle expands. 
If you haven’t joined yet then you must join it now. Signup at and connect your blog. You will find a huge crowd of bloggers there among which you can promote your content to earn loyal fans.
A Single Post Can Take You to the Heights
If you write a good and popular post and it ranks well in search engines, then it can take your blog to the heights of the success rapidly. I have experienced it and it encouraged me a lot.
Remember!!! A Good Ranking in SERPs is All You Need to Drive Huge Traffic
All above discussed strategies help you in driving more visitors to your blog but the long-term and the best source of massive traffic is a good position in SERPs. You can gain high positions in SERPs only if you do good SEO for your quality content. This is the final answer to the question which every blogger asks that “how to drive more traffic to my blog”.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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