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Best Live Chat Widget / Plugin for Blogs and Websites

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Modern age has a lot of work to do and it seeks for quickness and shortcuts in each and every sector of life. While choosing any online service, people surely look for the features before choosing it and the online live support is the most crucial. BlueHost and Hostgator are two examples who are famous because of their brilliant live support. If you are selling some services on your blog and website, then you must make it easy and convenient for your visitors to get information and guidance about your products. So you need a live chat plugin for your website through which you would be able to talk to your customers / visitors seamlessly.
Zopim, the Best Online Chat Solution for Your Blog / Website
Zopim solves your issue and allows you to directly chat with your visitors. Once you add Zopim to your blog, it makes it convenient and interesting for you and your visitors to discuss about a particular matter. Below, I have shared some important features of this online live chat widget which can be added to any website or blogging platform including Blogger and WordPress.
Provide Instant Support
With the help of Zopim, you can answer your visitors’ queries instantly. You can solve their problems and can help them in understanding your services. All this needs no time. Your visitors don’t need to send emails and they don’t require to wait for your response. You also don’t need to check and respond the emails. So Zopim’s live chat solution saves your and your visitors’ precious time. 

Free for Small Blogs and Websites

If you are running a small website or blog and have a small business, then the free package of Zopim is enough for you. With free package, you can chat with only one visitor at a time.

If you have a larger business, then you can signup for premium services of Zopim. When you go for premium, you can add agents and departments to your account. Your agents can respond to more visitors and thus your customers are handled properly.

Track Your Visitors Lively
With Zopim Live Chat Solution, you can keep an eye on your visitors’ activities on your blog. You can see what your visitors are viewing on your blog or website and how much time they spend. 

Seamless for Your Visitors to Reach You

Your visitors can start a chat with you instantly and they even don’t need to provide their email or any other detail for starting a live chat. It ensures that your visitors don’t feel anything annoying. Even when you are offline, your visitors can leave messages and these messages are directly delivered to your inbox. In such a way, Zopim eliminates the necessity of contact forms also.
How to Get Zopim Live Chat on Your Blog or Website?
If you are running a WordPress blog, you can install Zopim’s plugin or if you are running a website or blog on any other platform, then simply go to, create an account and then get the embed code. Go back to your website and add the embed code to your website’s HTML source. If you are going to add the widget to Blogger, paste the embed code before in template’s HTML source. Zopim will start working instantly.
I hope that you will also love this widget as I did. If you are facing any issue during installing this cool widget to your website, just leave a comment below with your question. We will get back to you soon!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. if you’re fully registered of zopim account
    and then you logged in… right there in the
    Dashboard, there’s a Personal tab | IM |

    you’ll see a written text…

    Consumer IM Support to be Discontinued from 31 March 2014″

  2. Zopim is great solution for a live chat support because its interface design is clean and intuitive. If you are looking chat widget for websites bringing together smaller or larger communities involved in some common cases of interest I also recommend Chatwee. Great for education, music, sports and games, political organizations, religious communities or associations. Both widgets rocks!

  3. I don’t know which is best, but I am using eAssistance Pro live chat software on my website and it work very effectively.

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