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How Do I Change WordPress Logo on Login Page / Screen

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You can change the WordPress logo on your blog’s login page or login screen within a minute. There are several WordPress plugins available which help you in doing almost anything with your blog. In this tutorial, I am sharing a simple procedure which doesn’t require any plugin and you need to just replace the logo image file manually. You can do it only if you have access to the directory in which WordPress is installed. But before changing the logo image, think twice that why you are going to change it? As WordPress is providing you such a brilliant blogging platform, then you must keep attribution links and images. But if you need to change the logo image at any cost, below is the simple procedure.

How to Change the WordPress Logo Image
WordPress logo image is stored at . To replace the logo, follow below steps:

1. Login to your blog’s control panel (You may be using cPanel)
2. Launch File Manager
3. Go to the root directory in which WordPress is installed
4. Open the directory wp-admin
5. In wp-admin, go to images directory
6. Find wordpress-logo.png
7. Delete it and replace it with your custom logo

While replacing the logo, ensure that the file name of your new logo is similar to the original one. i.e. wordpress-logo.png and the format of the image is PNG. Also consider the resolution (width and height) of the newly generated logo. The resolution of default WordPress logo image is 274×63 pixels. So try to create your logo image with the same resolution to maintain the quality.

Why the Default WordPress Logo Image is Restored

Wordfence is a security plugin for WordPress which keeps an eye on the modifications to the WordPress core files. If this plugin is installed on your blog, it may restore the image. The plugin is smart enough to recognize the modified image and it instantly takes action when you upload your custom logo. Additionally, the logo image is restored when you update the WordPress to a newer version or when you re-install it.

You Can Also Customize the Links on Login Form

The login button text and links on login form can also be customized easily. It is recommended for advanced users only. If you are a basic user, then don’t play with this trick. A small mistake in customizing can lead your entire blog to break. If you are expert enough and can play with the PHP code, then you can customize all links and the messages on login form by editing wp-login.php . This file is located in root directory of your blog. Edit it using any editor, find the values you want to customize, replace them with your own ones and save it. Before editing the file, ensure that you have a backup of the original file.

What if Your Blog Breaks After Editing?

As I have warned earlier that if you are a basic user, then don’t bother to customize the links on your login page. If you did it and the design of your blog broke, then you can restore the wp-login.php file from a fresh download of WordPress. Download WordPress, extract the ZIP folder and then upload the original wp-login.php file to the root directory of your blog.

This was a simple and basic tutorial on changing the default logo image of WordPress on login screen. I hope it helped you. If you are facing any difficulties, comment below with your question. We will get back to you and will help you in solving your issue.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Thanks for the straight forward tutorial. It was the easiset one i fund so far.
    Do you by chance have anything on how to customize the admin page.

    1. Hi Norman, I’m happy that it helped you :). Will you please elaborate it a little more, what kind of customizations do you need on admin page. After that, I’ll come up with a tutorial.

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